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Phenomenal, Real Psychic Abilities. Professional, Ethical, Honest, Down to Earth, Trusted Advisor. One of Keen's Best. Host of LIVE Psychic Radio. Genuine, Real Answers and Advice. Considered among the Best of the Best!
At the age of 5 she began predicting events in her family, her daily life and the lives of others. She would draw pictures of the Psychic impressions that she would receive for her mother, grandmother and aunts. She would whisper to them what her spirit guide was telling her. She has many Psychic strengths. Sarah has actively used her Psychic abilities to help others since the age of 5 and has over 35 years of experience helping people change their lives.

ASTOSarah is an advocate for proving Psychic abilities exist and shares her abilities LIVE and for FREE over the radio with hundreds of thousands of souls weekly in an attempt to Prove Psychic abilities exist and to help others. At the age of 4 she began seeing and communicating with spirits and entities beginning with her spirit guide. She would frequently Astral Project as a child and interact with those who have crossed over and view the living. As a true child of the paranormal, her family allowed for her to explore her abilities freely, protected and encouraged her to use them.

As a well known Paranormal Investigator, she can help you with questions regarding Paranormal Activity. After the loss of her Daughter, ASTROSarah took a LOA that lasted many years in order to spend time with her family and heal. She returned to Keen full time in 2010. Due to her proven psychic ability, integrity, ethics and professionalism she was given a private extension for you to use for your psychic reading 1-800-ASK-KEEN Extension #SARAH (72724)

ASTROSarah, was acquired by Keen in 2001 while she offered her psychic abilities through Astronet on America Online to raise awareness of Real Psychics with Real Psychic abilities and the effects on the lives of those who have these abilities. She Created the Real Psychics Group to promote those who she met along her journey who also proved they have a psychic ability.
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Blessed since birth with a Phenomenal gift, ASTROSarah provides everyone with real psychic answers, no judgement, kindness, direction and the energy to choose a better path if necessary. She is very caring and supportive with a down to earth, direct approach. With integrity, ethics, honesty, Real-Proven Psychic ability and a genuine want to help each person that reaches out to her, ASTROSarah is considered among the best of the best Psychic Advisors today.

Sarah's Professional Promise:
I will be there for you when you need me.
I will be completely honest with what I see, feel and hear.
I will be direct yet compassionate with you.
I will support you in any choices you make and help guide you towards your best possible future.
I will empower and encourage you.
I will always have YOUR best interest and wants at heart.
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