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I see and feel what is around you and reach deeper than you can imagine!
I have been empathetic, telepathic, and intuitive all my life. This was passed down to me via my family tree line, however learning tools such as the Tarot and the Cartouche help! I was particularly drawn to Native Spirituality when I turned 21. And thus, became deeply involved in learning about the culture and practices, having had 2 Ojibwa Elders; one grandmother and Medicine Man pass down their wisdom to me. My development was as a pipe carrier, medicine healer and woman counselor in the Ojibwa Aboriginal ancestral community. However, because now I am a practicing Christian, I focus more on my Christian roots which are in conflict with this. It is hard to have to chose but where I am today. I welcome all faiths in my readings and stay unconditional when I tap into spirit. As a healer, my study includes years of certifications in Wellness that includes Certified Coaching (Personal Development and Career), Reflexology, Numerology, Astrology, Nutritional Therapy, Aromatherapy/Mood Therapy and Herbs. Traditionally, I hold a Masters in Visual Fine Arts, (Photography and Digital Media).
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Clarity, compassion and healing will be the focal point of our readings. I care deeply about each and every caller. It is my hope we connect and experience healing within your reading. I use my empathy, intuition, remote viewing and clairvoyance to answer your questions. I often see short and long term path lines. Whatever your question, I will assist you with an answer to solve your dilemma. As a Life Coach, I also am here to motivate you, inspire you and work with the magnetic law of attraction to allow you back to your preferred path. We are here to experience love and joy as well as overcome challenges.
We are hear to collaborate and help each other. We live in an endless reality. If you want to reach your ultimate balance, I have real answers for you. There are many readers here to choose from, and I know it can be overwhelming. I hope you give me that chance to help you and see for yourself that we can be a good match.

It is important you calm yourself before calling as this does allow for greater accuracy. Think of a radio station - it is clearest when it is set on it's radio frequency - so is your aura when you calm down which will be part of the communication wave line between us.
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