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My mind downloads information and reads it like a book...names, dates, descriptions and more as given by Spirit. The future is around us for those who can read it. I was born with this ability. Honest and accurate!
Gifted since childhood I have been a professional reader for 15+ years beginning on the internet with AOL's ASTRONET and moving to KEEN. With thousands of satisfied clients, I have completed readings both personally and on the internet for over a decade. My readings are quick, accurate and professional having worked with a published psychic and studied with metaphysicians. I see and hear disembodied Spirit energy and have had many encounters with the unseen world. Offering insights on local radio shows, I bring talent and experience as your psychic and spiritual guide. In addition to my work as a psychic, I am a trained artist and paint the images I see and feel in my mind.

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NOTE: I use astrology ONLY for astrology customers when requested and when I have a name, date, time and place of birth and chart ....NOT for other callers!! I am an energy reader and am both clairvoyant and clairaudient. Basically I download information from the universe that is swirling in the ether to become future events, activities and changes. I see and hear these future energies that are in the process of manifesting. To me they appear as symbols, images and words/sentences. When connecting via telephone or chat I use your birthdate as a point of focus (no astrology). I answer all life questions using this gift from career to money to love and friendship. I also answer general questions about life and your destiny such as what was I born to accomplish in this life? I enjoy love and relationship readings and have significant experience reading energy connections between people.....whether family, romantic or friendship connections. I offer timing of changes as given to me and may also receive names from Spirit or visualize and describe people coming into your life. In reading love connections between people I view their non-physical source, purpose and outcome. I will use my fine-tuned skills and experience to help you travel your path to joy in this life.
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