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I am a No Nonsense reader. I refuse to sugarcoat your reading. If you are going to challenge the insight or not be open to it, we are definitely not a good match and I suggest finding another reader. I am highly reviewed on the internet and many people seek me out after reading my reviews. I specialize in tuning into a man or woman's intentions and determining FINAL OUTCOMES. I always say that a good reader can decipher the difference between what a person is 'thinking about doing versus what they actually WILL do in the end'. That's where I come in. People often look to me for a reading after they have consulted dozens of other psychics on the same issue. Many will find that my take on their situation is completely opposite of the other readers. If you choose to read with me, you understand that I may disagree with the majority of the other readings you've had. You also understand that with given time, my predictions are known to manifest and not necessarily in the order you thought they would, but yet they DO manifest. Time is liquid, thus is will change, but the outcome of a situation is what will most likely stay the same. You cannot negate a prediction's credibility without allowing it ample time to come to fruition. Be patient, people.

I am here to bring you clarity on matters of love and romance in your life. I will provide you with greater insight to the outcome of your romantic journey. Time is liquid and cannot be measured so I do not answer timing questions. I tell you what will happen not when it will happen and the reading must be given space to manifest itself. My readings are highly reviewed and reflect trust in my instincts and guidance. This does not always mean that you will like what I have to say in our session together. In fact, I am known for disagreeing with other psychics. I assure you that my honesty comes with compassion and is delivered with grace. I will provide you advice to take on your journey and always offer further explanation if you are unclear. I am not a tarot reader, however I have several intuitive decks that guide me tremendously and I do incorporate them into my readings. I am an Intuitive and an Empath that uses my senses along with the sequencing, images, colors, and numbers of your unique spread during your reading. My personal style helps to read the “story” while I center on your specific question and its outcome. This method has proven to bring successful results with my clients. If you choose to have a reading with me then you have accepted my reading approach.

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