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My name is Nicole. I am a psychic, medium, & intuitive. I was born with the ability to see the future, communicate with spirit, and tap into the thoughts and emotions of other people. As a little girl I would often hear the thoughts of adults around me and see and hear spirits in my family home. At the age of 14 I received word from spirit that one of my loved ones would pass away relatively young & that same evening their spirit crossed over.

Once I moved into adult hood, my abilities were tested and verified by two well known psychic organization in the USA that accept a small percentage of readers who apply. I am currently an active member in one of those organizations today. I am also an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church & I am currently continuing my studies in the healing modality Reiki & Curanderismo.

I am a frequent guest on psychic radio programs in the United States as well as the UK. I have also spent a number of years working as guest reader and psychic development instructor at metaphysical shops, healing centers, and psychic fairs across the United States.
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To begin your reading, please provide me with your name, the names of the people/organizations you seek clarity on, and your specific question. I am direct, practical, and will offer solutions to help you reach your goal. I welcome clients who want honest answers to their questions & seek genuine guidance from the spirit realm.


- I do not offer general readings.
-I do not offer readings lasting less than 5 minutes.
- I do not work with clients who wish to test the psychic or become abusive and belligerent
-I do not work with clients who ask me to compare the reading I give with the readings of other psychics


-Any time frames given are estimates of time, not exact dates.
-Your actions, words, and behavior after the reading can affect timing and outcomes.
-If spirit gives you a suggestion or guidance during the reading & you do not follow the advice that can also affect timing and outcomes.

Always remember that the future is not written in stone. The choices you make & the actions you take can and do shape your future. So believe in yourself & make it a good one!
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