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I will tell you what is in their heart, mind, and soul ... Clear and effective, yet heartfelt - I give honest, accurate, spiritual advice, guided and manifested through the art of Tarot reading ...
Hello! My name is Tara, and I provide readings that will enlighten, guide, and enhance your knowledge of your current situation, and reveal the guidance and advice I am receiving on your behalf from the spiritual realm. Although, please know I am not God and do not offer precise dates that are set in stone but may encompass a broader feeling on my part for an actual time frame and outcome. However, with my readings, you will get a clearer sense and understanding of the emotions, feelings, mood, and actions within you and the other individuals involved regarding your most personal concerns. Basically, all I need is your name, and a question - a very direct and defined question or problem is preferable - for me to tune into your unique energy that will provide me with information about your situation past, present, and future. I am clairvoyant, accurate and detailed, and specialize in love and relationships. If you feel a reading with me, would be a positive and beneficial experience, please call, and allow me to be that channel for you ...

*I am a very experienced intuitive and Tarot reader, but the Tarot cards for me are just a stepping stone to sharpen and focus the spiritual energy I feel around your name and question.

* I do not tell you what you want to hear, I tell you what your guides, angels, and spirits want to say to you, it may not be what you want to hear, but it will be the truth ...

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My most sincere goal is to provide answers to your most heartfelt and personal questions. At the crux of most of your concerns is "to love and be loved" and, of course, I identify and feel deeply for all of you in your experiences with this most universal of human emotions and to accomplish this sometimes painful, yet so worthwhile endeavor of the human spirit. Indeed, I feel an enormous amount of empathy, sympathy, sorrow, and of course, joy and happiness for many of my clients as they encounter the ups and downs, and sometimes difficulties, on their road to love, romance, and a committed relationship with another soul ...

Please keep an open mind when you call - I will always tell you the truth of what I see and feel. However, I am just a messenger and a channel, and it is solely up to you how you process the information you receive from me and whether you apply or discard this knowledge in a beneficial or useful way. And, as a psychic/intuitive I do find one-minute readings to be not very fruitful or responsive to your questions as they leave little time for me to tune into your energy or your request. Therefore, for your benefit and peace of mind, please allow a bit more time for a reading that will fulfill and meet your needs and bring a more complete and satisfying reading and outcome ... thanks so much, Tara

* Questions about medical, legal, pregnancy and lottery numbers are against KEEN policy. For clarification, please call KEEN'S customer service...

* And, (according to KEEN policy), all conversations and written communication are for entertainment purposes only....
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