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Go Beyond This World! I Am A Pure Medium And Oracle Of THE HolySpirit and His Angels; Only In Jesus Christ; Supernatural Accuracy In2 Reality; No Time Wasted, No Prompts; Supernatural Revelations! 1st 10mins=10FREE Here ONLY!
All that I am; these gifts of Spirit Walker, The Shaman, The Prophet and Voice Of His Angels, The Oracle, Is ONLY done and given to Me in the name of God's Only Son, Jesus Christ. I was born prophesying, born to travel multi spirit realms and to ascend to very Throne Of The Glory Of My Father In Heaven, and to deliver the revelations, supernatural counsel, to soul retrieve and to walk between the worlds among the Angels, Archangels and all the Divine Dominions. To the forbidden realms with the Divine Law and Permission to do so because I was called to do so to glorify Him by guiding those who truly wish to understand and are willing to walk by Faith and not by sight. Who are willing to think beyond their human bounds and to see without their eyes. Hebrews Chapter 11.
I am here for those who no longer wish to be deceived by false signs and wonders, Here for those who wish for something more. Eternal peace, eternal change and life that is whole by the power of God. John Chapter 14:6, 3:16-18, and 1st John 4:1-3. That is who I am.
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Everyone is welcomed here. When you speak and as you speak, I call upon the power of the Spirit of The Lord; in Jesus name to travel, receive, see and speak what is beyond prophetic; to speak what is destined, what is to be understood and learned and what is to heed as warning or as blessing. Lots of times certain Archangels, Angels, Seraphims, Ascended Saints will speak as the voice of the Holy Spirit; other times when it is necessary by Divine Law and Gods will, the very voice of the Spirit of God will take over Me to speak to you. I don't harsh preach, don't waste time nor money; definitely easy to talk to and I don't cast pre-judgement of any kind and I DONT need birthdays or other prompts. Anything goes.
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