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NEW LOW RATE! Fast and professional reader here. I am a gifted clairvoyant and clair-audient. NO TOOLS used in most cases. My job is to help you get what you want so please listen, carefully. #NoseyNicki or #NoseyPsychic
My Grandmother was very psychic but she didn't call it that... She called it common sense and got frustrated with others who didn't see what she saw in a situation or didn't come to the same conclusion (read "prediction") that she did. One could Never EVER use the word "PSYCHIC" around her because she would get her cross out in a minute and tell you to be quiet in her house... Devout Baptist but both she and my Mom were psychic. I could tell you some stories but just know that my Gift was passed down to me and not everyone in my family has it. Call when you can... I ramble when I'm not on the clock! LOL (And I am a fast typist too so chat is great.)
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Nosiness has been my "GIFT" for years and I was never curious about those around me... I was always wondering about the lives of celebrities and making predictions on them. My friends thought it was funny but I always saw what no one else saw. Then I had a reader read me and tell me about my other GIFTS... When I looked at a picture of a bunch of people, I could always see the one that was either physically sick or terminally ill... I could even see the one that would be the next to die. I saw that when I watched TV too. I could see so many things and the only one who would confirm these things were my Gypsy friends. They introduced me to using other things besides Tarot cards which they often used... Anyhoo, I don't need tools unless there is a fog/debris around your situation... My name is Nicki and I can read for you but I will need your name. Love and Hugs! Oh and YOU NO LONGER have to leave a ONE STAR rating in order to get a refund! Just call Keen customer service and tell them you weren't satisfied. They will return it without bashing the reader.
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