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POWERFUL CHANNEL, GIFTED SEER, SKILLED ADVISOR, PHENOMENAL ACCURACY. My cards fly before me capturing your answers in record time !! Nothing is off-limits, I cover all areas of Life.
Clients come to Avalonmare with their joys and sorrows, sharing deeply private aspects of their lives. Handling issues of the death of loved one, the miscarriage of a dear child, break-ups and betrayals, uncertainty about their life path or careers and deeply troubling issues around family and fidelity. Of course there are also the joys of new love, marriage plans, travel and business guidance. Life is full and wonderful while at times immensely complicated. Every session with a client is sacred. Avalonmare devotes 100% of her focus to connecting with her guides and the helping spirits around you to deliver answers accurately and with compassion. At all times Avalonmare respects the privacy of her clients and never shares their information.

Like many others, Avalonmare felt called to this work at a very young age. Stories of mysticism and magic, tarot cards, runes, astrology; she voraciously read and studied everything that she could get her hands on. This was pre-internet so this meant books, books and more books! She began taking classes in tarot, astrology, crystals anything and everything that she could find locally. By her teens she was giving readings to her friends, sharing information and teaching others what she had learned. By her early 20s she began doing readings in local bookstores and psychic fairs. Avalonmare started on the very first psychic line trying her hand at readings over the phone and was thrilled with the amount of people she could help and the diversity of the souls she had the privilege to work with.

Conscious creation is a mainstay in Avalonmare’s life. Ever since she happened upon the Seth books back in the 80’s she began to realize that nothing happens by chance and has studied and applied the principles in her own life. As Avalonmare’s talents and interests continue to grow she expanded her studies. Her passion for Root and Conjure work has deepened her understanding of the divine in all things and how combining the two with intention we can manifest the lives we wish to live. Evolutionary Astrology reveals the life path of our soul, through many incarnations and can unveil answers to what our soul is striving to achieve in this life.

In short, Avalonmare has been drawing back the curtain on the mysticalities of life since she was a child. Uncovering the unseen forces at play in your life, she not only transmits messages from your guides through Tarot, Astrology and Spirit Channeling, but helps her clients heal the deeply wounded places within that hold them back from peace, prosperity and love they seek to experience. You will see that her sense of humor displays that she may not take herself very seriously, her dedication and devotion to her calling and to her clients is undeniable.
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Astrology - Western
Approach to Topics
Expansion and growth are a constant in life. Navigating these changes can be challenging, but does not have to be painful. Clients reach their goals with the help of Avalonmare's guides. Readings unfold in layers giving a deeper meaning to both questions and outcomes. Beliefs and energy patterns are uncovered that manifest what you wish to change. You have the power to undo, disentangle and recreate any area of your life that displeases you by aligning your energy with what is wanted. Getting her clients in a place to Receive what they are truly desire is Avalonmare's Specialty,

Your guides offer practical wisdom and insight into every day matters regarding love relationships, career changes, relating to your family, making it through a break-up/divorce or a myriad of other life challenging changes. Avalonmare will not judge you, but supports your hopes and dreams as if they were her own. She allows her clients to come to their own decisions and supports the direction they choose.

Each reading by phone or chat, creates a sacred space for the You and Avalonmare. The free flowing of energy between you and your guides will uplift, inspire and continue with you long after your session is done. Clients say they often dream vividly after their sessions or experience uncanny coincidences regarding the matters discussed. It is Avalonmare's honor to work with you on any matter you choose.
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