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Empathic Tarot Channel 30+ Yrs . Heartfelt Readings on the energy surrounding a first name. After a brief connection, ask anything you wish on love, life, spirit. Feelings, Intention,.
Give only a first name to begin your reading. After a brief connection is made, answers pour forth with in-depth clarity. It is my mission to give compassionate readings with direct honesty to all your life concerns. My clients come from all walks of life and appreciate I will be truthful about what I see. I love meeting new people and will be respectful of busy schedules, whether you are at the airport, work or home. Tarot Cards, in the hands of the Intuitively Gifted, give detailed answers to life concerns. At times honesty brings tears, and a bad review will lash out. Please read beyond these to my years of stellar feedback. FOR BEST CHAT: Ask a question, pause, wait for me to read on it, then ask your next question.

At 19 I discovered Tarot in a French gift shop and began reading at coffee shops, gift boutiques, collage fairs and by appointment. In 2001 I began reading by phone for Keen. For those who wonder can a phone reading be as good as an in-person session the answer is YES. Your body language is not giving answers away! How do you know if I am accurate? Ask for a reading in your NOW first, on just your first name. I get to the chase quickly! Have specific questions? Please be Clear and Direct and no questions will be asked. I will not judge you. For a Chat Session Please Go to My Other Keen Listings.
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Straight Forward Organic Answers on Love, Career, Office Dispute, Pets, Moving Up and Spiritual Unrest. Give just a first name for a brief connection. Ask anything you wish afterwards. Tarot is not a Magic 8 Ball, but gives in-depth answers for those serious questions you need answers on. I believe in the teachings of Jesus, wisdom of Buddha and the power of Angels and a Reading. After a brief connection, I will cut to the chase quickly whether your life is busy at the airport, work or home. The future is changeable with your wise actions and you always have free will. I am your spiritual sister along your path. FOR BEST CHAT: Please wait until I answer your question, before asking another question. Thanks!
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