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I am TripleMoonGoddessGina, I was taught to find answers, so PLEASE NO GENERAL READINGS, they give general answers that are not helpful! I am a born psychic who learned Tarot at age 10, and how to properly ask the tarot and the Universe questions to provide helpful answers and direction.I have been doing this for over 47 years now. I ONLY work in the metaphysical as a reader, teacher, reiki master/teacher and paranormal investigator. I have taken, and taught, metaphysical classes. I teach tarot, reiki and psychic development classes. I am an ordained AND registered minister. I earned a PhD in Metaphysics (IMM Sedona), and a BA in psychology (Montclair University), I am a certified Reiki Master (Usui Method). I am a relationship expert, and have counseled people in their relationships for decades! I have been giving readings for over 47 years. I have accepted over 40,000 Keen calls. I also do cleansings of buildings and people, through a paranormal group I founded, all steps that have brought me to a deep understanding of the spiritual and metaphysical.I work ONLY in the metaphysical and in the LIGHT.I tell the truth. I am a successful person in business and personal life, and I am willing to share my knowledge and abilities with those who want help to be successful too!
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Please bring your questions! I do not do general readings except by email. When you want a forecast, you want an astrologer, I am not an astrologer! I also am not a timing specialist, so please don't rate me on timing. I will give you time frames. I use tarot combined with my psychic abilities to answer questions. When you ASK QUESTIONS , my claircognizant ability triggers, and focuses on that question's answer.That is why you get specific answers to your specific questions, and why I ask for your question! I answer you quickly, HONESTLY and accurately. (We cannot give medical diagnosis, including pregnancy, legal advice, stock advice, lottery numbers, so please don't ask). Receiving honest answers enables you to make decisions with the best knowledge available. This gives you the best results you can get, without false promises! Tarot helps refine and define the messages. I have several decks sitting in front of me and I allow spirit to direct me to the right deck. I also do not use spreads found in books, I have no need for that, having worked with the cards for so long. I am also clairsentient and know how others feel, no matter what their words. All I need is a name (sometimes not even that), and I quickly find your answers, options and best choices. I don't ask questions and I don't judge you! I also am a REIKI Master that sends Reiki healing (Reiki sends what is for your highest good) to EACH caller. Please let me know if you do not want this sent.General readings are done ONLY by email ($45 for a general reading). I am here to help you! Honest information, although sometimes hard to hear , is the best thing for results. I don't provide money wasting predictions that sound good, but never come true.
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