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Aries Monthly Horoscope

Aquarius December Horoscope


A brainstorming session is highly favored for the 4th, when the creative Sun forms a trine to Uranus, your ruling planet. Develop a bold idea.

The Details

Working behind-the-scenes can prove productive on the 1st, thanks to a sextile between dynamic Mars and diligent Saturn. On the 4th, the creative Sun makes a supportive angle to Uranus, your ruling planet. This is a great time to launch a brainstorming session with some adventurous people; go ahead and develop a bold idea. The 5th could bring about an amazing breakthrough, thanks to a sextile between mental Mercury and Uranus. The Full Moon on the 6th may you put the finishing touches on an impressive creative project. This work can attract several romantic admirers.

On the 8th, effusive Jupiter will go retrograde in your Partnership Sector. You may not be as giving to your nearest and dearest, in the interest of conserving your own energy. An entertaining outing with friends is favored for the 12th, thanks to a sextile between talkative Mercury and generous Jupiter. The 14th could bring some shocking information to light, thanks to a harsh angle between your ruling planet, Uranus and secretive Pluto.

Dynamic Mars forms a sextile to Uranus on the 20th, inspiring you to get to work on a bold presentation or proposal. Uranus, your ruler, goes direct on the 21st, dramatically speeds the pace of communication. On the same day, the New Moon falls in your Privacy Sector, allowing you to develop a behind-the-scenes long-term venture. Mercury's harsh angle to Uranus on the 24th makes you vulnerable to self-doubt. Stop second-guessing all of your decisions; all of your instincts will be right on.