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Aries Monthly Horoscope

Aquarius April Horoscope


Upsetting gossip could be repeated on the 21st, when Uranus, your ruling planet, makes a tense square to secretive Pluto. Be ready to come clean.

The Details

A brilliant idea could win you favorable publicity on the 1st, when the vibrant Sun pairs up with Uranus, your ruling planet. Someone could write an article on you for a blog, magazine, or newspaper. An impassioned outburst could get you into trouble with a spiritual, religious, or educational leader on the 14th. That's when communicative Mercury teams with impulsive Uranus. Not only that, a Lunar Eclipse will fall in your Enlightenment Sector. This suggests that you will be taken to task for making some irreverent remarks. Issue a sincere apology and be willing to accept a punishment or fine with good grace.

Beware of overdoing it with food and drink on the 19th, when excessive Jupiter forms a tense angle to upsetting Uranus. A headache or stomachache could make you irritable on the 20th. Try not to take out your frustrations on an innocent bystander. The tension continues to build on the 21st, when a square between Uranus and Pluto causes you to exchange angry words with a neighbor or sibling. The 22nd proves even more frustrating because the opposition between Mars and Uranus may force you to admit you need additional training.

Exciting developments on the home front put your problems in perspective on the 28th. That's when a Solar Eclipse electrifies your Domestic Sector. An opportunity to work from home may allow you to escape office politics. It looks like this position won't be nearly as stressful as ones you have held in the past. What a relief.