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Aries Horoscope

Aries 2014 Yearly Horoscope

Inventive Uranus keeps moving through your Image Sector. You won't look or behave like anyone else this year. At times, this will attract favorable attention. At other times, it will get you into trouble. Either way, it's important to establish yourself as an independent person. Continue to speak your mind and dress the way you want. Saturn, the planet of restriction, continues to tour your Shared Resources Sector. Your nearest and dearest may be threatened by your rebellious attitude, but it can't be helped. Ultimately, they will respect your revolutionary ways. Stick to your guns.

The year will be neatly divided into two parts. The first phase, which will last through mid-July, will involve setting down roots, spending time with family, and attending to domestic responsibilities. You'll feel more settled and fulfilled at this time, taking pleasure from simple activities like preparing food and creating beautiful surroundings. This would be a great time to redecorate your least favorite room, landscape your yard, and buy beautiful furnishings and artwork for your home. If you've always wanted to buy your own home, try to do so before July 16th, when you just may find a spacious place for a good price. By mid-July, your luck will start to shift from the domestic sphere to the creative arena. This will be a great time to write a story, compose some music, or choreograph a dance. It doesn't matter what medium you choose to express your creativity, so long as you honor your artistic instincts.

Love and Romance

For the first half of the year, you'll give the best of yourself to your home and family. Then, in mid-July, your focus will start to shift. Admirers will come out of the woodwork, and you may even have a choice between several lovers. Embarking on a courtship will renew your zest for life. Don't be surprised if you're inspired to return to a hobby you loved as a child. If you're already in a relationship, you may decide to conceive or adopt a child. This addition to your family will bring great happiness. It will cause you to see life from a whole new perspective. Everything will seem fresh and new again, and you'll find it difficult to be pessimistic about anything.

2014 will also be a year of serious commitment. Saturn, the planet of responsibility, continues to tour your Intimacy Sector until December 23rd. You won't be content with casual sexual flings. Instead, you may seek a committed partner who is worthy of your time. Building a life with someone who respects and admires you is a strong possibility. If you already have a partner, discuss your long-range plans. Your priorities may have changed since you first met. Formulating new schemes and dreams with your beloved will deepen your mutual affection. Has the juice gone out of your relationship? Then this is the year to make a fresh commitment to one another or break up entirely. You really do owe it to yourself to forge a happy life filled with love and romance.

Career and Money

Regenerative Pluto has been touring your Career Sector, forcing you to move and change with some disruptive times. The more flexible you are, the more successful you will be. It's possible that your desired field has dried up, forcing you to formulate some new schemes and dreams. Be willing to kiss the past goodbye in favor of a happier and possibly more lucrative future. Opportunities related to property management, banking, and construction will yield the most fruit. You'll have a talent for discovering hidden resources that may garner a high salary. Go ahead and let an imposing executive take you under their wing. Studying with this powerhouse will increase your desirability on the job front.

Finances might be a bit tight, due to restrictive Saturn in your Shared Resources Sector. If you're in a relationship, your partner may have a tumultuous time with their job or be underemployed. Alternately, one of you could incur debts that will eat up a large portion of your combined income. Returns on investments might not be very impressive, and it could be more difficult to access public resources. It will be up to you to replenish these financial shortfalls. Continue to support your partner in their quest for work. In the event you are single, it would be wise to keep your bank account separate from that of a love interest this year. This is not the time to accumulate someone else's debts. Open and honest discussions about both of your spending habits will help you avoid trouble.