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Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Cancer October Horoscope


All eyes may be on you on the 8th, thanks to a Lunar Eclipse. A calm and steady approach works best.

The Details

On the 4th, the willful Sun squares imposing Pluto; beware of getting into a power struggle with a family member, your business or a romantic partner. Dynamic Mars forms a trine to impulsive Uranus on the same day, helping you make inroads with an authority figure that is impressed by your quick thinking. It may be difficult to balance your work and home life on the 7th, due to an opposition between the Sun and Uranus. A Lunar Eclipse on the 8th could bring an end to a career opportunity, freeing you to go your own way. Perhaps not immediately, but this could come as a profound relief.

Mental Mercury goes retrograde in your Fun and Domestic Sectors on the 10th, causing you to rearrange some of your household routines with some added pizzazz. Resist the urge to buy expensive furnishings and artwork on the 11th, when lavish Venus opposes impulsive Uranus. It will be easier to arrange your home the way you want it on the 16th, when the creative Sun makes a conjunction with mental Mercury. The 19th could give you a chance to spend time on the people and activities you love, thanks to a sextile between Mercury and festive Jupiter.

On the 23rd, the Solar Eclipse could bring happy news regarding an engagement, marriage or pregnancy. Alternately, you may decide to launch an important creative project. Mercury moves direct in your Domesticity Sector on the 25th, making it easier to communicate with your relatives. Dynamic Mars enters your Partnership Sector on the 26th, prompting you to take a more aggressive approach with your mate.