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Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Cancer July Horoscope


Expansive Jupiter moves into your Financial Sector on the 16th, paving the way for lucrative work. More money will become available for fun and games.

The Details

The willful Sun faces off with imposing Pluto on the 4th; a power struggle could erupt between you and a partner. The tension may continue to mount on the 6th, due to a square between the Sun and hot-headed Uranus. Stand your ground with a pushy authority figure, or you might have to work overtime. Fortunately, the Sun will also be forming a supportive trine with respectable Saturn on this day, so you will be able to salvage an important date. The Full Moon on the 12th marks a turning point in a close relationship. A marriage or business partnership will be on your mind.

The 13th affords a lovely opportunity to spend quality time with family, thanks to a strong link between Venus and Mars. Expansive Jupiter moves into your Financial Sector on the 16th. Landing a high-paying job, additional resources or wealthy clients may be much easier to obtain. Gracious Venus moves into your Image Sector on the 18th, making this a wonderful time to get a makeover, spa treatment or cosmetic procedure. A harsh angle between the Sun and quarrelsome Mars could cause a relative to voice their complaints, but compromise will be easy to negotiate.

Rebellious Uranus turns retrograde in your Career Sector on the 21st, bringing a temporary end to a series of work disruptions. Venus forms a supportive angle to idealistic Neptune on the 24th, possibly prompting you to study with a respected master. The New Moon on the 26th attracts an exciting moneymaking opportunity.