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Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Cancer September Horoscope


The New Moon on the 23rd is ideal for buying or selling a piece of real estate. Alternately, you could add a member to your household.

The Details

Mental Mercury enters your Domesticity Sector on the 1st, possibly prompting you to plan a family get-together. The expressive Sun forms a trine to transformative Pluto on the 3rd, making it an ideal opportunity to lobby a business or romantic partner for a favor. The Full Moon on the 8th may prompt you to leave a boring routine behind in favor of adventure. This would be a great time to plan an overseas trip to a city by the sea. On the 9th, your boss may ask you to stay late to work, forcing you to cancel personal plans. That's when mental Mercury forms a harsh angle to pushy Pluto.

The 10th may be ideal for negotiating a raise or promotion, thanks to a sextile between talkative Mercury and expansive Jupiter. On the 13th, mental Mercury opposes impulsive Uranus, making it impossible to reason with an irrational authority figure. Prepare for a wonderfully romantic day on the 14th, when affectionate Venus forms a strong link to passionate Pluto.

Pluto moves direct in your Partnership Sector on the 22nd, making it easier to form plans with your mate or business associate. On the same day, the New Moon falls in your Domesticity Sector. This would be a pivotal time to buy or sell a piece of real estate. Alternately, you could add a new member to your household. On the 25th, expansive Jupiter forms a trine to impulsive Uranus. A lucrative promotion or work assignment could fall into your lap.