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Cancer Horoscope

Cancer 2014 Yearly Horoscope

Your self-confidence and optimism will attract good fortune through July 15th, when jovial Jupiter tours your Image Sector. It will be easy to wrap people around your little finger at this time. Use this opportunity to ask for favors, show off your talent, and make friends with very important people. You could make a name in your desired industry if you want, or become the subject of tremendous romantic interest. If you can conceive it, you can achieve it. Jupiter moves into your Moneymaking Sector on July 16th, attracting all sorts of lucrative financial opportunities. Ventures related to education, entertainment, and gambling are especially favored, but you can find success in virtually any area.

A desire to travel and study will consume you throughout the year, thanks to Neptune's slow dance through your House of Knowledge. Studying or working abroad is a distinct possibility. You might also decide to get published or get an advanced degree in 2014. At the very least, you can make more time for spiritually enriching pursuits, as they will serve as a welcome counterbalance from material concerns. You have the potential for making money this year, but it won't mean much if you lack a sense of the divine. Traveling to a city by the sea will be especially inspiring. Don't be surprised if your travels inspire you to write a novel or screenplay. Water has the power to unleash your imagination and shore up your artistic talent.

Love and Romance

You run the risk of falling hard for somebody, as serious Saturn continues its journey through your Romance Sector. You're not interested in having a casual fling. If you find a partner, you might feel the urge to settle down and create a home together. There is a chance you will move to a different home on or around April 14th, when a Lunar Eclipse falls in your Domesticity Sector. Moving in with your lover will be exciting but scary. You'll have to revise some of your ideas about keeping house. That's better than being in constant conflict with your partner, though.

If you're already in a relationship, you may decide to launch a business with your beloved. Alternately, you might decide to be the sole breadwinner while your partner pursues a cherished dream, or vice-versa. Saturn's presence in your Romance Sector indicates a personal sacrifice in the name of love. A Solar Eclipse on the October 23rd suggests a marvelous romantic surprise. News of an engagement, marriage, or pregnancy will set off a string of parties. Savor this special occasion, as it will prove a turning point for you. Throughout the year, you will undergo a profound change as a result of your love life. Pluto, the planet of transformation, continues its slow tour of your Partnership Sector. Consequently, you will be continually challenged to change and evolve for the sake of an intimate relationship. Recovering from an addiction will dramatically transform a troubled romance.

Career and Money

Your job continues to undergo surprising twists and turns. That's because disruptive Uranus is continuing its journey through your Career Sector. If you're self-employed, you may notice an upturn in business after July 17th, when expansive Jupiter enters your Moneymaking Sector. You might be struggling to keep up with orders, but this will be a welcome challenge. It looks as though you'll have enough money to upgrade your computer and phone. You might feel tempted to hire an assistant, but chances are you will fare just as well on your own. The secret to your success is organization. Having a streamlined system in place will save time, money, and aggravation. Ask a detail-oriented friend for help making order out of chaos. Their one-time fee will be worth its weight in gold.

If you work for a company, a sudden shake-up could occur around October 8th. That's when a Lunar Eclipse will fall in your Career Sector. Don't be surprised if there's a change of hierarchy. Alternately, your company could close or move overseas. Whatever shift occurs, it will put you in the path of opportunity. You might be asked to step into an executive's shoes or open a new branch. It's even possible you will decide to switch industries altogether, opting for one that is rapidly expanding. Enhancing your technical knowledge will give you a distinct edge over the competition. Stop telling yourself it's too late to embark on a new career. Anything is possible now that Uranus triggering this area of your life.