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Gemini Horoscope

Gemini 2014 Yearly Horoscope

With dreamy Neptune continuing to travel through your Career Sector, you have an opportunity to shine in a creative industry. The arts, fashion, film, advertising…the choice is yours. Alternately, you might decide to take a job at a charitable organization, since Neptune symbolizes compassion. It looks as though you might be able to land a position with a good salary, thanks to generous Jupiter's transit through your Moneymaking Sector between January 1st and July 16th. If you already have a job you enjoy, be sure to lobby for a raise during the first half of the year.

If you want to switch jobs, the days surrounding October 23rd would be a good time to do so. That's when a Solar Eclipse will energize your Work Sector. Landing a steady job with good benefits is a possibility. Artistic Venus makes a powerful conjunction to this Eclipse, so it looks like your job will have a creative aspect to it. Don't be afraid to take a low-level position as a means to work your way up the corporate ladder. Your talent will allow you to quickly mount the ladder of success. Although you could be very busy with work, there may be several exciting opportunities to have fun with your friends. Impulsive Uranus continues its tour of your Social Sector, prompting you to have lots of fun with friends. Try something you never have before with your favorite person. Unusual sights, sounds, and situations will stimulate your intellect.

Love and Romance

2014 finds you becoming more discerning about love. A Lunar Eclipse on April 14th sends shock waves through your Romance Sector. If you're dating someone, you will no longer tolerate being treated like second best. You may decide it's better to be single than to stay in a lackluster relationship. Alternately, the two of you could part ways temporarily, just as a means to re-evaluate your union. Are you single? Enjoy your freedom and play the field. Don't feel compelled to secure someone's affection with expensive gifts and lavish displays of wealth. Hold out for a partner who loves you, not your bank account.

Temptations may abound, thanks to intense Pluto's transit through your Intimacy Sector. If you are in a relationship, try experimenting in the bedroom. Mixing things up and keeping things interesting will greatly enhance a committed relationship. Are you single? Beware of confusing physical chemistry with love. Just because you feel an intense attraction to someone doesn't mean you are fated to be together. The best way to assess someone's character is to judge how they treat you in daily life. If you can't get along with a person outside the bedroom, they aren't worth your time. You can experience physical passion with someone who treats you with love, care, and respect, but you will have to hold out for it. On December 23rd, serious Saturn moves into your Relationship Sector, further emphasizing the need to be intentional about your love life. Stop wasting time with players.

Career and Money

This could be a very fulfilling year as far as work is concerned. Although you may not attain a high-status job, it will be possible to get a foothold in an interesting industry. Neptune, the planet of glamour, is touring your Career Sector, suggesting you could find a job in film, fashion, photography, or any of the other arts. Such a position will appeal to your imagination and versatility. If there's anything your sign enjoys, it's work that affords fresh challenges each day. Alternately, you might decide to take a job in the nonprofit sector. That's because Neptune is also the planet of compassion. Working with stray animals, troubled children, or impoverished people are good possibilities for you. Happily, it looks as though you'll be able to get a job that pays well, especially if you land a position in the first half of the year. That's because generous Jupiter will be touring your Moneymaking Sector between January 1st and July 15th.

Your prospects for finding a job with good benefits are strong. Powerful Pluto is touring your Shared Resources Sector, attracting work that probably has excellent insurance, fringe benefits, and investment programs. If your employer offers to match your contributions to a retirement plan, be sure to take advantage of this incredible offer. This fund can protect you against financially lean times. It may also allow you to retire early. Money from an insurance refund, divorce settlement, scholarship, or grant could also become available this year, lending more financial security.