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Libra Horoscope

Libra 2014 Yearly Horoscope

2014 may prove to be an eventful year for you. From January 1st through July 25th, action-oriented Mars will be moving through your Image Sector. You'll be more assertive throughout this period, refusing to defer to others. Demanding what you want will create conflict at times, but it will also make you happier and more successful. Expansive Jupiter will be touring your Career Sector between January 1st and July 15th, making this an ideal time to go after a high-powered position or dream job. Since creative Neptune will be touring your Work Sector all year, it looks as though the arts and entertainment field will yield the most fruit as far as jobs are concerned.

Transformative Pluto continues to work its way through your Domesticity Sector, so you may see more changes to your home life throughout the year. A structural mishap could cause a temporary relocation, or a new member of your household will create big upheavals. You might even decide to adopt a radically different lifestyle than the one you previously led. Living more frugally is a distinct possibility, since restrictive Saturn will transit your Financial Sector between January 1st and December 22nd. Living beneath your means will pay off handsomely. If you decide to leave a partnership and go solo – and this is a possibility, since independent Uranus is moving through your Relationship Sector – it will help to cut back your spending. Ultimately, you will be making important changes in virtually every area of life. Embrace this metamorphosis.

Love and Romance

Love continues to be unpredictable this year, in large part because disruptive Uranus is touring your Relationship Sector. If you're single, embrace your freedom. You might enjoy several exciting flirtations that fizzle out as quickly as they flare up. On April 28th, a Solar Eclipse will electrify your Intimacy Sector. Don't be surprised if an earthy sensualist sweeps you off your feet on this magical day. It will be virtually impossible to resist their charm. In the end, you probably won't want to pursue a serious commitment with this suave sophisticate, but you will look back fondly on your time together.

If you have a partner, your union may run hot and cold throughout the year. Things could come to a head on October 8th, when a Lunar Eclipse fills you with a sudden urge to break free of oppressive relationships. This breakup could occur quite suddenly, which is healthier than letting the relationship die a slow death. Although it's never easy to part ways, you could feel a profound sense of relief, too. Walking on eggshells is no way to go through life. If you decide to stick things out, you and your partner will have to make radical changes to your relationship. Switching roles, re-ordering responsibilities and allowing each other more freedom are all possibilities to explore. Is one of you unemployed? Then the other will have to pick up the slack until financial security is restored. Be as supportive and encouraging as you possibly can during this intense period of upheaval.

Career and Money

Your job prospects are very strong between January 1st and July 16th. That's when expansive Jupiter will be moving through your Career Sector. Go for the gold during this magical phase. If you're happy in your current industry, apply for a high-powered position or promotion. Emphasize your leadership skills, as your employer may be looking for someone who is visionary, tough and fair. Are you dissatisfied with your current line of work? Now is the time to transition into a field that is more appealing. Work related to the caring professions, like teaching, nursing and hospitality is strongly favored. Alternately, you may to satisfy your nostalgic side by going into the antique business or art restoration. Ultimately, any industry that fills you with excitement is favored during this golden period.

As far as money is concerned, finances may continue to be tight. Restrictive Saturn continues its tour of your Financial Sector from January 1st through December 22nd. Tightening your belt and living within your means will be ongoing themes. Saturn will move into your Communication Sector on December 23rd, easing the economic strain considerably. Still, it would be wise to carry over some of your moneysaving strategies into 2015. A resourceful attitude toward money will help you thrive in both lean times and flush periods. One of the most valuable lessons of this entire year may be realizing you don't need a lot of luxury to be happy. By focusing on the people and activities that make life meaningful, 2014 could be one of your best years.