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Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Pisces September Horoscope


The Full Moon on the 8th could prompt you to do something special for yourself. Treat yourself to a day of leisure. Pamper yourself.

The Details

The expressive Sun forms a trine to persuasive Pluto on the 3rd, making this a great time to ask a favor from your best friend, lover or business partner. On the 5th, gracious Venus enters your Partnership Sector. This will pose a golden opportunity to do something nice for your nearest and dearest. On the 8th, the Full Moon could prompt you to pamper yourself. Take the day off work if you can, get a massage or a haircut. You're overdue for a treat. On the 10th, affectionate Venus opposes Neptune, your ruling planet. Resist the urge to put a loved one on a pedestal, or your relationship could hit turbulent waters.

On the 11th, you could get a chance to spend some quality time with a child. Arrange a special outing for just the two of you. The 13th finds competitive Mars entering your Career Sector. If you want a job, you'll have to fight for it. Friendship could turn to romance on the 14th, thanks to a trine between affectionate Venus and transformative Pluto. On the 21st, pushy Mars makes a harsh angle to your ruling planet, Neptune. You might have to set a healthy boundary with your boss on this stressful day.

On the 23rd, the New Moon could bring more money in the form of an inheritance, legal settlement or refund. A trine between generous Jupiter and impulsive Uranus on the 25th could result in a lucrative job. Your financial fortune is looking up.