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Pisces Horoscope

Pisces 2014 Yearly Horoscope

You'll continue to experience great sensitivity throughout 2014, thanks to Neptune, your ruling planet, traveling through your Image House. Your psychic abilities may be further enhanced and your imaginative powers will soar to an all-time high. This is a wonderful opportunity to dance, write, paint, design and perform. Attaining star power in a creative field is very possible. You'll get additional support for artistic endeavors from expansive Jupiter, which moves through your Creative Sector from January 1st through July 15th. This is one of the best years in a while to attain your artistic goals.

Money continues to be a bit uneven, thanks to disruptive Uranus's tour of your Financial Sector. To further complicate matters, a Lunar Eclipse on April 14th could bring an end to a stream of unearned income, like alimony payments, disability provisions or unemployment checks. Fortunately, work assignments could pour in between July 16th and the end of the year. That's when Jupiter will move in to your Work Sector, allowing you to make ends meet. On October 8th, another Lunar Eclipse will fall in your Financial Sector. A steady job could come to an abrupt end, leaving you at loose ends. Take heart. Disciplined Saturn moves into your Career Sector on December 23th, putting you in line with the kind of high-profile, lucrative job offers that you need to succeed. Stay positive and use any time off to develop your creative talent. With a little optimism and a lot of hard work, you can use the disruptive elements of 2014 to your personal advantage.

Love and Romance

Expansive Jupiter continues its tour of your Romance Sector from January 1st through July 15th. If you're single, you could meet someone special during this magical period. Let a relative set you up on a blind date. Your family has a good sense of what kind of partner would be best for you. Alternately, you might meet someone special on the beach or by the water. Are you already in a relationship? Be sure to schedule a romantic getaway for you and your mate during the first half of the year. Getting away on your own will rekindle the passion that first drew you together. Take this opportunity to give your mate a beautiful token of your appreciation.

If you've been thinking of conceiving or adopting a child, 2014 would be a wonderful time to do so. Adding a young person to your household will dramatically increase your capacity for love. Sure, taking care of a child will eat into your romantic life, but it will also deepen your appreciation for the special people in your life. In the event you have no interest in having children, you can pour your passion for life into a creative project. Creating a beautiful novel, painting or piece of music will be like falling in love with your inner artist. Any way you slice it, 2014 promises to be a year devoted to the people and activities that make your heart sing.

Career and Money

Making ends meet could be a continual challenge throughout 2014. That's because erratic Uranus is continuing its journey through your Financial Sector. When you get paid, put as much money as you can into savings. This fund should sustain through the lean times. A Lunar Eclipse on April 14th brings an end to an unearned source of income, like unemployment benefits or alimony payments. Becoming more financially independent may be critical. Fortunately, generous Jupiter moves into your Work Sector on July 16th, suggesting a series of work assignments will keep you afloat through the end of the year. Still, you should brace yourself for a second Lunar Eclipse on October 8th, which could mark the sudden end of a steady job.

If you experience financial frustration, keep in mind that all this upheaval does have a purpose. On December 23rd, disciplined Saturn will move into your Career Sector. At that time, you could land a job that is both financially and emotionally rewarding. Instead of having to cobble together a series of jobs, you could embark on a full-fledged career that brings stability and prestige. Of course, you need to be prepared for when the big moment arrives. Spend the majority of the year getting advanced training, updating your resume and gathering impressive work samples. That way, you'll be ready to apply for a position that seems tailor-made to your abilities. The competition will be stiff, but by honing your interview skills and doing plenty of research into your prospective employer, you may emerge the victor.