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Taurus Horoscope

Taurus 2014 Yearly Horoscope

You continue to change and evolve throughout 2014, especially in the area of your appearance. How you present yourself to the world is crucial to your success. Develop a look that resonates with your taste and sensibility. Don't imitate a magazine ideal if you look better with a little meat on your bones. If you're unhappy with your name, consider changing it. Are you tired of dressing conservatively? Add items to your wardrobe that enhance your best features. Look within for the answers you seek, rather than depending on the outside world for information.

Jupiter travels through your Communication Sector during the first half of the year. Therefore, your greatest opportunities will involve writing, study, and short-distance travel. Be open to new ideas and different perspectives particularly between January 1st and July 15th, the happier you will be. On July 16th, Jupiter will move into your Domesticity Sector. This means that the second half of the year favors buying and selling property. If you want to move, you'll find a spacious abode that has an element of luxury. You might also add some members to your household. An elderly relative or roommate could lend some levity to your household. Are you thinking of doing some household improvements? The changes you make will increase the value of your home. Be sure to use quality materials that will withstand the test of time. Your investment will pay off handsomely.

Love and Romance

Saturn, the planet of responsibility, continues to move through your Relationship Sector. You need to be discerning about the company you keep. If you're unhappy with your lover, go to counseling. Forge a relationship based on respect, trust, and intimacy. Refusing to tend to a lackluster bond will result in a breakup. That may actually be the healthiest thing for both parties. Still, even a troubled relationship can be repaired, if both of you are willing to do the work. Are you deeply in love with your partner? The two of you may decide to go into business together. Alternately, one of you may decide to work while the other works toward realizing a cherished dream.

If you're single, you won't be tempted to play the field. Rather, you will hold out for someone special who treats you with kindness and respect. There is a good chance you will team up with someone who is considerably older or younger than you near the Solar Eclipse on October 23rd. This difference in perspectives will enhance your relationship. You'll enjoy getting a different view on life. Sometimes, jealousy is a problem for you. Learning to trust your partner will be the greatest lesson you will learn in 2014. You'll also have to compromise in matters of joint finance. Striking a good balance between saving and spending will strengthen your relationship and help you withstand any financial uncertainty. You might have to forgo a few luxuries while your lover learns to savor material pleasures.

Career and Money

A job could come to an end on April 14th, when a Lunar Eclipse falls in your Work Sector. Try to look at this disruption as a blessing in disguise. Use this opportunity to find work that is intellectually stimulating. You will get an exciting job offer near May 28th, courtesy of the New Moon. Still, there will be some hidden aspects to this position that will only become evident later. Try to roll with the punches. It's difficult for a Fixed Sign like you to switch gears, but try anyway. If you're asked to work with underprivileged people, don't protest. Instead, try your best to accommodate these clients and customers. You'll discover depths of compassion you never knew existed. Becoming more empathetic will make you a better employee. Not only that, but your financial fortunes will improve as a result. Bounty flows more readily to people who are open to the Universe's generosity.

Beware of going overboard with holiday shopping at the end of the year. The New Moon on November 22nd may delude you into thinking you can buy people's affection. You're better off giving handmade gifts and cards than going into debt. Thankfully, many Bulls have been blessed with considerable cooking talent. Put it to good use by concocting delicious seasonal treats. People may find your creations so delicious that you might even be able to sell them. Gifts that you make with wood, fabric, and clay will also get an enthusiastic reception.