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Virgo Horoscope

Virgo 2014 Yearly Horoscope

On April 28th, a Solar Eclipse falls in your Adventure Sector, suggesting you may be in for an overseas trip. Visiting a city by the sea is highly favored. Alternately, you may be inspired to write a book or get an advanced degree on this pivotal day. Any endeavor aimed at expanding your horizons is favored at this time. Friends will be very supportive of your desire to explore greener pastures, since generous Jupiter will be touring your Social Sector at this time, all the way up until July 16th. During this phase, you'll receive plenty of invitations. Be sure to attend as many parties, get-togethers and professional conferences as possible during the first seven months of the year, because who you know may be a determining factor to your success.

Jupiter will move into your Spirituality Sector on July 17th, affording a welcome opportunity to rest, relax and rejuvenate. Solitary activities like meditating and reading may prove rewarding at this time. Any pursuits that provide you with a profound sense of inner contentment are favored. As far as personal development is concerned, serious Saturn will be transiting your Communication Sector nearly the whole year. This would be a great time to take a class, develop your writing talent or conduct a big research project. On December 23rd, Saturn then moves into your Domesticity Sector, putting added focus on your family life. Caring for an elderly relative, buying a home and helping a special-needs child are among the possibilities.

Love and Romance

2014 promises to be a highly romantic year for you. Idealistic Neptune will tour your Relationship Sector all year, prompting you to put your partner on a pedestal. Your commitment could provide a deep sense of joy. Even when you fight, you'll enjoy making up with soft words, gentle caresses, and heartfelt promises. Adding to this heady atmosphere is seductive Pluto's transit through your Romance Sector. Passionate encounters provide a welcome distraction from daily life. As an Earth Sign, you are extremely sensual. This aspect of your personality will be heightened even further by this transit, making it virtually impossible to resist your charm. In addition, impulsive Uranus keeps moving through your Intimacy Sector, prompting you to forget any taboos that once hampered your love life.

If you're single, you have a very good chance of meeting someone special this year. Keep your eyes open for a dreamy artist or compassionate philanthropist. The two of you may feel an instant rapport. Are you looking for a good time to get engaged, married or hold a commitment ceremony? May 3rd could be ideal, thanks to a trine between the expressive Sun and transformative Pluto. This would also be a good time to plan a romantic vacation. If you've been with your partner for years, this journey may feel like a second honeymoon for you. Choose a spot known for its breathtaking vistas and unspoiled nature. Being surrounded by flora and fauna brings out your sentimental side.

Career and Money

A source of income could come to an end on April 14th, thanks to a Lunar Eclipse falling in your Financial Sector. At first, this disturbance will come as a profound shock. Friends may not be terribly sympathetic to your plight. Instead of giving in to despair, look for the silver lining to this cloud. It's possible you will have an opportunity to stay home and work on a creative project while your partner brings in the money. That's because disruptive Uranus will be moving through your Shared Resources Sector, suggesting a changing of the guard around finances in a close relationship. If you're single, you could get a sudden windfall that sustains you through lean economic times. Pay close attention to the days surrounding May 15th, when luxurious Venus teams up with surprising Uranus.

Are you unemployed? Your chances for finding a steady job are highly favored in late January, when the New Moon energizes your Work Sector on the 30th. This job may have some nice fringe benefits. Count your blessings. If you are employed, focus on acquiring new skills and saving as much money as possible. This isn't the best time to switch employers. Prospects for career advancement may not be especially exciting in 2014. A job offer on May 28th could have considerable strings attached to it. Think twice before accepting. On December 23rd, professional Saturn moves into your Domesticity Sector. You may decide to launch a home business around this time.