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Astrologer- timeframes!

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It is a pleasure to meet you and an honor to read your chart.

I have studied astrology, along with many other disciplines since the mid-seventies and am here to use this knowledge to help you make the best, and most informed decisions possible.

I will give you insight as to what the future holds, empowering you to make the most powerful life decisions about your life. My knowledge and intuition can guide you to the best possible outcome.

Astrology gives us a blueprint of your life, shows personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, abilities, and compatibility with all others .All major and minor life events will show in your chart.

I approach all consultations in an open and honest manner, and so should you for the best outcome. I will tell you exactly what I see in your chart and what it means for you.

Please have your birth date, place and time if available ready along with the info of anyone else you want me to read.

I have been a full time internet astrologer for 12 years and consulted with clients from all over the world and all walks of life.

Client Feedback:
Something happened within the timeframe given. Mind you, it was something I thought I was gonna do sooner than she predicted but yet it ultimately happened on the day she predicted....................................................................................................... She predicted something of huge significance accurately, right down to the week in which would it happen. She truly cares for her clients and is genuine and very ethical. Highly recommend...................................................................................................... Brilliant! Exceptional! Accurate! Leslie is a supremely gifted astrologer who not only sees clearly what is happening now, but is able to accurately predict what is to come...

I specialize in timing of events/all situations. You no longer have to ask when. Sometimes the old road is the best one to follow, but sometimes life presents us with an alternative choice and an unexpected new path becomes apparent.

Sometimes we must break free of old patterns, ideas and thought processes and find the new. Life is about choices. Make your best choice, based on solid information and potential outcomes. I can help you find the right path for you, whatever your situation.

All questions can be answered:
  • when will he/she call/contact me

  • what are my chances for a long term relationship

  • will we marry divorce

  • will this person actually make a move from their current situation to be with me?

  • are we actually compatible (this question can apply to anyone!)

  • Is this the correct time to start a business, find a job, expand, financial opportunities?

  • What are the long term and short term trends in my chart and what do they mean to me?

  • when should I start a business-business success or failure-job success?

  • Why is my life not going well, and when will things change?

  • What is going on with another person. Where are they coming from and what motivates them?

  • I can read your pets chart if you have the birthdate-I can see aggression-sickness-compatibility, personality

  • If you have the start date or date of incorporation date and place I can read your companies chart. High and low periods, success or failure.

Any question can be answered.

Leslie Hale- Ext. 0175802

Don't forget to check out my blog!

If not available I recommend Apache Widow.

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Date Rated by Rating Comments
11/29/2015 SkDs4ev202 5 stars Thanks! 
11/23/2015 SkDs4ev202 5 stars Thanks!!! 
11/18/2015 SkDs4ev202 5 stars Thanks!! 
11/18/2015 starla79 5 stars Excellent. I will call again!!! 
11/17/2015 jnkl 5 stars I have been consulting with Leslie for several years. Mostly to know what dates are best for a particular situation to occur or what was going on with a person on a particular date that has past. This particular past two readings were an even greater blessing and a warning. I am heeding her advice and am most grateful for it. 
11/14/2015 SkDs4ev202 5 stars Great!! 
11/12/2015 jnkl 5 stars Very helpful. A definite eye opener! Will call back soon for more details as things progress. Thank you Leslie 
11/11/2015 lmmrtrm 5 stars Leslie is he kindest and best astrologer you will find. Many years talking with her and she is the best! 
11/11/2015 lkd78 5 stars Thanks for the update!! Will call again soon. 
11/10/2015 LoveDee11 3 stars Really nice lady but didn't connect with me well. 

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