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I'm Robert Melendez my purpose and responsibility was revealed to me 15 years ago through another medium who introduced me to my primary Spiritual Guide named Omar. Omar was in his last existence of Arabian descent a man who past away at the age of 39, he used to work with me in a field in which I was his boss. Later on through my life I discovered much more from him but on this particular night the time was short and the importance of his communication crucial. I was very young and a materialist by any definition, following the same type of lifestyle that the great majority of people have.. making lots of money , falling in love and having fun as my God given purpose. I was also very skeptical "I have to see to believe" was my way of looking at everything in this subject just like Saint Thomas. Thankfully my Guide knew of my skepticism and was prepared for the great many questions that I had line up for him. Soon I discovered that he not only knew the most private and embarrassing events of my life but he also knew about my past lives and their direct relation to my suffering in this one. To my horror I discovered that I wasn't an innocent average person that was "normal", I had committed various and serious crimes that were waiting for me in the form of Karma...just around the corner.

This information relating to my previous lives left me in a state of shock, he comforted me by also telling me that in the spiritual world I had done a lot of rehabilitation of not only myself but of many other spirits like myself that had lost their way through the many tests that our existences bring. After Omar left the medium another Spiritual Guide by the name of Justina used the medium to communicate with me. She was in a past existence my mother and told me that our race was black, she continued to express nothing but words of joy and thankfulness towards the medium for bringing her into my life once again. Justina told me that I would develop another form of medium called semi-mechanic intuitive medium at first and that later on as my progress continued I would be able to turn into a "calligraphic medium" or a medium that writes. She counseled me into reading books from French Medium Allan Kardec which wrote the Medium's Book and the Spirits Book and from the Great Brazilian Medium Francisco Candido Xavier which wrote Nosso Lar and ...And Life Goes On among 400 titles to his credit in Brazil. Justina told me that my medium was to be used to pay my enormous spiritual debt and that it would enable me in the process to discover who I was and more importantly to advance my spiritual growth so that in the case that our Heavenly Father decided to call me that I would better than when I came in.

My relationship with Omar and Justina have been the key to not only my survival but also in my moral rectification, without them I would of been dead or in a prison by now. I want to convince everyone of the loving spiritual guides that God has given all of us in our struggle in this sometimes cruel world. My mission is to give people clarity, peace and positive energy to continue with the many struggles in life but not at the expense of being phony. Many people complain that I take my time in giving answers I strongly believe in giving my callers the right and complete answers which in the long term will give them the best results, instead of the short, quick lies that are the designed to just give people a "quick fix" that later on turns against them in the worst way. The great majority of psychics have given up on providing the callers with sound spiritual advice because the callers are constantly rushing them to answer 10 questions in 3 minutes!!! They are afraid of getting negative feedback from the callers after the conversation has ended, I will never be! The spiritual profits outweigh the material losses 100 to 1, I'm fully aware that many people just want to hear something positive but the truth should always be told no matter what the callers think or say about the Psychic.

If anyone reading this is in need of spiritual advice and has very serious questions and or problems prepare your concerns and don't be shy, the only stupid question is the one that doesn't get answered. My Guides are prepared and knowledgeable in all matters of the heart. Expect a conversation that is detailed, serious and respectful that goes into the heart of the problem with the aim of permanently solving it.

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3/10/2016 alonglife 5 stars Today's question, get a companion (2nd) dog and be a two dog family, or not? So nice to get some inside info on another important decision. And so,.. yes! Another dog it will be! Woof! Great advice always! Thanks. 
3/10/2016 alonglife 5 stars Always good to have a little extra insight and learn something new. Thanks. 
2/27/2016 VenusHeart 1 star really bad could not understand a word � and taking his time pure guessing !!! refund pls , i don't mind if you want to block me too !!! 
1/17/2016 alonglife 5 stars Comforting as always.. Have a great day.  
10/14/2015 lovelight412 5 stars Reading was good just spoke kind of slow. But I feel like he was accurate. 
8/17/2015 LiveYourTruth 5 stars He's really really good. Glad I found this advisor.  
3/5/2016 angel5504 5 stars  

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5 stars
Today's question, get a companion (2nd) dog and be a two dog family, or not? So nice to get some ...
- alonglife, 3/10/2016
5 stars
Always good to have a little extra insight and learn something new. Thanks.
- alonglife, 3/10/2016
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