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My Clairsentience, Guides and the Tarot allow me to trace energy signatures for you. I'm a consistent 5* Advisor. Call me for confidential readings that reveal honest details you won't forget. On Keen since 2002.



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I am Cinnamon Moon, Medicine Woman/Shamaness, non-denominational minister, author of 'A Medicine Woman Speaks' and Host of the internet Blog Talk Radio show: CinnamonMoon At Night airing at 7pm Central Time each Monday evening.

Having served as a Spiritual Consultant and Coach in both private and commercial sectors for over 45 years, it will be my honor to serve your needs. All sessions are by appointment only and held strictly confidential.

Are you hesitant to brush off feelings you cannot explain and looking for validation? Are you troubled by a confusing situation, circumstance, or difficult decision? My consulting sessions will reveal whether your feelings are real or if fear has woven a false impression for you. I can shed light on areas you may not have considered, reveal the intentions or circumstances around others who may be involved, uncover intimate issues, bring news of unexpected events about to take place and of course the blessings to come. If you are interested in spiritual growth and development you are welcome to inquire about my Coaching services.

The Web of Life has been woven with a strand for each of us to unravel; however, only you can fulfill your destiny. I recognize that time is precious, both yours and mine; however, a true reading is not possible in 2-3 short minutes. I will need to trace your energy signature, consult guidance and the Tarot bridging the gap to enlightenment for you. With that in mind, your time will be respected not wasted. Do keep an open mind and willingly embrace the truth you ask for. I offer the following services to choose from:

  • Readings
  • Yearly Forecasts
  • Dream Interpretations
  • Assistance with your path of spiritual development.
Gift Certificates are available. (Please inquire via email.)

I deeply appreciate all who graciously refer friends, take the time to rate calls or leave feedback. Because of you, potential new clients are able to make an informed decision. May the precious presence of Spirit and Mother, bless you and yours. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Cinnamon Moon

To Be A Feather In Spirit's Wing

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