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A Real Psychic with Real Psychic Abilities

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♥ ASTROSarah (Sarah Bina) is a Real Psychic. A Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Medium, who was first introduced to her spirit guide at the age of 5. A REAL PSYCHIC WITH REAL PSYCHIC ABILITIES.


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Please note: My in-office sessions are usually back to back, therefore, I tend to not always be immediately available on Keen. I will place myself on Alerts to let you know that I'm watching for call back requests. I do accept arranged calls and work the weekends on Keen to assist my clients from out of town. Please feel free to arrange a call with me during the week if I am on alerts. I also accept scheduled call requests so you may request your session in advance.

Keen Psychic Sarah Bina aka ASTROSarah


Sarah's readings are based on her soul connection to God and her spirituality. She has no gimmick, she simply is a Real Psychic with Real Psychic Abilities...

Sarah Bina ASTROSarah (Sarah Bina) is a professional psychic with Real psychic Abilities. Are you looking to speak with someone that is a Real Psychic? Are you confused and concerned about your relationships, career, financial situation or life in general? Do you have questions about paranormal activity or a loved one that has passed over? If so, then Sarah is here to assist you. Sarah is known for her abilities... She has traveled extensively and has known of her abilities since the age of 5 when she was first introduced to her spirit guide Jack.

"She's the Real Deal. I expected different and was shown something that I cannot explain away." ~ Tanner Perry Skeptic's corner


Sarah's Abilities Include . . . . . .


Sarah sees images that are given to her as messages from her spirit guide Jack. She also connects with your spirit guides and allows for them to communicate with imagery. Some images come in the form of Mini Slide shows that depict upcoming events. These images typically represent something that has happened in Sarah's life allowing for her to better understand what they are trying to tell you.


Sarah hears messages delivered by those that have passed over, your spirit guides and her guide Jack. Through her guide Jack she is protected and allowed to communicate with these entities. There are times that Sarah has heard conversations from the past, word for word, what other's have discussed. Sarah can hear the thought's of those around you and can ask what it is that they think and feel about you personally.


Sarah feels the emotions and physical sensations of those that she is reading. People do not always communicate their truest feelings in a way that we can understand, due to differences of perspective, however, feelings are the basis, the foundation from which everything we do is derived. This is Sarah's most cherished ability, the ability to feel the love of others and to feel those that cannot be trusted.

Medium - Ghost Whisperer -Trance Channel

Sarah comes from a family of psychic mediums and since the age of 5 Sarah has had the ability to communicate with those that have passed over, beginning with her guide Jack. Typically a spirit will offer up evidence of who they are by informing Sarah of their intentions and then of an event, name of a family member, direct connection to you or an item that they remember having or you having in life. These events are not rare for Sarah and she has learned that when a loved one wants to speak, there is almost NO stopping them from doing so during your reading.


1-800-ASK-KEEN Extension SARAH (72724)
Due to her professionalism, experience and proven ability,
when she was acquired by Keen
they gave her an extension that's easy for you to remember.

When Sarah is not Available she recommends the psychics
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ASTROSarah's Feedback for this Listing in Life Questions
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Date Rated by Rating Comments
8/25/2015 cls2005 5 stars She is amazing. You will get everything answered and predictions will be clearly stated and (in my experience) they'll unfold as she describes. 
8/20/2015 Francis09 5 stars Very accurate and sweet:-) 
8/20/2015 royal6841 5 stars Super reading always. So detailed and accurate it's amazing. Sarah is the greatest and always on the money. Thank you 
8/19/2015 cw1961 5 stars Thank you again for your insight. It took a lot of good energy to get me to this point and I am not looking back. Your predictions are spot on. Can't wait to tell you more good news:) 
8/18/2015 TFLORES52 5 stars You are ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!! Thank you for always being there. 
8/15/2015 nrl927 5 stars Said to watch my son falling and he almost went head first down an escalator in the mall yesterday. I caught him just in time. It Was Scary. Thank you 
8/12/2015 cw1961 5 stars Thank you for your honest and inspirational words. You are always there when I need you and I appreciate it. I trust your vision of the perfect outcome for me and can't wait to give you the good news. Call her - she is amazing! 
8/10/2015 dobie 5 stars Thank you, Sarah. And sorry for my anxiety. Wish I could've spoken longer. Hope to speak again (depending on finances). I hope to come back to validate all you've said. Thanks so much for your help. 
8/10/2015 Gr8full77 5 stars Love this reader!!! She is the real deal have had a few readings with her and she not only answers your questions in such detail and proven accuracy but she guides you to grow learn and be empowered and that alone is priceless! I have been on Keen for years and have very few advisors that I trust and find to be here for the right reasons and she is one of them! Call her you won't be disappointed 
8/6/2015 Crimson1203 5 stars One word wow..... 

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5 stars
She is amazing. You will get everything answered and predictions will be clearly stated and (in my...
- cls2005, 8/25/2015
5 stars
Very accurate and sweet:-)
- Francis09, 8/20/2015
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