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One of Keens PROVEN Psychics! A REAL Psychic with over 40 yrs of using her Psychic Abilities to capture Accurate, Real Answers with Positive, Life Changing results. Well known and trusted for her honesty and accuracy. More.
Sarah is one of Keens Top Real Psychics and her abilities are showcased on Live Keen radio every Tuesday night! Since the age of 5, Sarah has used her abilities to accurately predict events in the lives of others and make contact with spirits, entities and energies. Sarah's "Sixth Sense" was acknowledged by her family when she was only 3 years old. She has over 40 years of experience with her Psychic Abilities. Sarah is one of Keens Top Expert Psychics with proven abilities and a lifetime of experience. Sarah will capture the insight and answers you need to help guide you towards peace and balance. She will help you move through your concerns by answering your questions with direct answers. Everyone has different needs when asking for Psychic help. Sarah has the soul of a Humanitarian. She is nurturing, loving and compassionate. Her lifelong work as an advocate to prove a "Second Sight" exists has drawn global attention and garnered her the name ASTROSarah. As a seasoned Paranormal investigator she can also assist you with questions regarding Paranormal activity.

She is the Showcased Host of Live Keen Radio, "Keeping it Real with ASTROSarah". Sarah has also been Showcased in an article written about her abilities that you can read by Clicking on Psychic Advice Articles and scrolling to ASTROSarah. In recognition of her abilities, professionalism and dedicated clients, Sarah was given a private Keen extension. 1-800-275-5336 Ext. SARAH (72724)
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"I am Fast to deliver the information I capture for you. I have already begun tapping into the energy of your question as you speak or type it. After 40 years of using my Psychic abilities I tend to see and hear and feel everything all at once and I share it quickly as it comes to me."

ASTROSarah is very caring and supportive, with a down to earth, direct approach. She will tap into your energy and the energy surrounding your questions immediately and answer your questions directly. Sarah does not sugar coat her answers. She casts no judgement because she believes that everyone's path to a higher power is unique. Sarah can also assist you to recognize, tap into and develop your own dormant abilities. Sarah's regular clients have been calling her through Keen since 2001 and her door is always open to new clients. Sarah accepts arranged and scheduled calls when she is not immediately available.

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I accept arranged calls when I am not immediately available.
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