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Laura J is a smart quick witted psychic/clairvoyant with the ability to "see" and "feel" details surrounding your current situation.

Laura J will use her astounding Psychic gift to give you clear and direct answers to your life questions. Through her acute Psychic/Clairvoyant abilities, she will guide you to a path of enlightenment and understanding, overcoming obstacles that may be in your way for a healthier more enriching life. Laura J is known for her amazing gifts of explaining what she sees, hears and feels with compassion, accuracy and humor. She is very down to earth,warm and easy to talk with.
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5/24/2016 Sunshine4746 5 stars My girl! 
5/16/2016 SJneedsadvice 5 stars Love her! Always insightful and honest. 
5/6/2016 Wendys Wisdom 5 stars Talked to her many times over the years, always insightful, compassionate and reads my situations really well. Thank you! 
4/27/2016 mitabularasa 5 stars I spoke to Laura a long time ago (over a year ago) and she described a past relationship ending, a dating situation that would take place and a new one coming in. Two of her three predictions have come to pass. She tunes in well with me and I appreciate her guidance. Thank you! 
4/27/2016 Wendys Wisdom 5 stars Always smart, grounded and very intuitive about people. Always right on. Thank you! :-) 
3/31/2016 Jill Lo 1 star Terrible, will never call again 
3/11/2016 cat7816 3 stars Very honest reader. Not sure if she saw the situation with total accuracy but mine is a weird one. She mostly got it right though and gave it to me straight which I appreciate. Too many silences though and then saying she wished she could help. I didn't get what I needed from this call. 
3/4/2016 lg28 5 stars Thank you so much. 
2/19/2016 lg28 5 stars Thank you! 
1/25/2016 loveyoualways 5 stars thank you for you honesty and I figured that but 20 something other advisors say he loves me but I think so that I can keep coming back to calling them 

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Recent Feedback
5 stars
My girl!
- Sunshine4746, 5/24/2016
5 stars
Love her! Always insightful and honest.
- SJneedsadvice, 5/16/2016
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