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I am a CERTIFIED PSYCHIC and published author(Simon and Schuster) on keen since 2001. I trained for 7 years at the Washington Psychic Institute and am a Law of Attraction coach who can help you magnetize your desires.

Denise Monique

Hello! My name is Denise and I am a certified master psychic who trained at the Washington Psychic Institute for seven years as a clairvoyant. I have been a reader on Keen since 2001. I am also the author of the best selling Law of Attraction book, "Feel it Real! A Guided Approach to Bringing The Law of Attraction Into Your Life!" (Simon and Schuster). I have led a huge community of clients to manifest their desires. I have been featured in Self Magazine and on hundreds of radio shows.

I read auras, chakras, past lives, and I can answer your questions about career, money, love, and Spiritual Growth. I look into your chakras and aura and tell you what life you are creating and what you need to do to create the life you want. I can help look into the energy of those you care about and tell you how they are feeling. I can empathically pick up on peoples feelings, blocks, hopes and dreams and can read their auras for you as well.

I can also channel my Spirit Guide, Angela of The Light, who can answer questions for you directly...

I can read the energy of anyone you are asking about and help you find your peace and happiness within any situation. So what do you want to create and attract? More money? True love? LET ME HELP YOU MANIFEST THE LIFE YOU TRULY LOVE!

Today's Thought:
The consciousness within you is your abundance. Radiate a feeling of wealth out from you and the world will reflect it back.

From Client "Freeze21":
Professional, gentle, friendly. Denise told me 4 years ago I was going meet a guy who lives by the river and she sees a diamond ring. It all sounded bizarre and fairy tale like after meeting so many undesirable guys, but yes, it happened. She accurately described his quirks. It will be my 3 year wedding anniversary in a few days and a sudden impulse made me look up, which I haven't for years and saw Denise on line. I asked her what's in my pipeline and I want to say a big THANK YOU!

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6/29/2016 Tamara1215 5 stars Denise is my angel on Earth. Thank you for helping me with my relationship, and guiding me through this difficult situation. Last Friday Denise told me I would have a job come to me by July 18th, that same day I got a call for a job interview for Monday. Yesterday, she told me I would get the job, and I got the offer today. She is so gifted, kind, and truly cares about her clients. I feel blessed to have her in my life. 
6/28/2016 Man can 5 stars You were right again. Wants me to pick him up from airport. Thank you for the talk. Even though he is moving back and i am getting what I wanted for so long, I need to focus on myself no matter how he acts. I am tired of making my mood al about the guy. Loving myself can't go out the window when he shows up. So off go the gym, and maybe a pedicure? I am a Love you. Thanks for being so patient. 
6/28/2016 tsumtsum 5 stars I truly am grateful for finding Denise. No one else truly cares for their clients like she does. She isn't here to feed fairytales, she is here to help you with living life. Denise has been helping me pave a new road of forgiveness and love for myself. She picks up energy so well! She amazes me on what she picks up each reading. Best money spent ever! 
6/28/2016 goldy1 5 stars In this Process of RECIEVING my Greatest MIRACLE it is Denise who is the One - to LOOK at What is happening. First SPIRITUALLY - to SEE what is being Done to bring this Miracle from GOD Heaven Holies & the Angels. What is happening Spiritually Inside & outside. Then PHYSICALLY - to SEE the Physical actions & movement that is happening & GOING to happen. THEN - to look into the FUTURE. All the way into the Future for the OUTCOME - the BIGGER Final Picture of it all - & the DETAILS. Denise is the ONE who can & does ALL OF THIS. 
6/25/2016 frances126 5 stars Good talking to you. Always brightens my day 
6/25/2016 Sarita123 5 stars Hey Denise sorry I had to go funds are low but I always appreciate ur insight I will give u a call back soon. Love you xoxo 
6/24/2016 EffieNorth 5 stars What a gifted reader. Fast, compassionate, accurate. She described a situation to me a while ago that is now unfolding exactly like she saw. I hope I can follow your advice because I know it's the right thing to do. 
6/24/2016 HollyHopes 5 stars You nailed her personality. Now I know how to handle it. Thanks for picking up on the situation and guiding me through. 
6/22/2016 Alice5989 5 stars My rock!! My heart. Ms. Denise... i love u girl!! She is like my mother/Sister protected!!! Try her!!! Nothing but good times with her!! 
6/20/2016 love2love2 5 stars Long time caller. She told me this new guy would contact before end of the week and later said a 22 is coming up for some reason, I heard from him exactly 22 hours after I spoke to her. 

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5 stars
Denise is my angel on Earth. Thank you for helping me with my relationship, and guiding me through...
- Tamara1215, 6/29/2016
5 stars
You were right again. Wants me to pick him up from airport. Thank you for the talk. Even though he...
- Man can, 6/28/2016
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