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As Cindy's gifts expanded from a child. Later on she started to read for friends, family and associates, just for fun, in order to test her abilities.

She soon discovered she was a great listener who truly enjoyed helping others.
Those she read for were, in turn, astounded by the accuracy of the answers she provided. They encouraged her to turn professional .

Cindy was hired as a psychic on a chat line. She also provided phone readings as well and opened her doors to clients for private one-on-one sessions.
She found she greatly enjoyed helping others to solve their problems and reveled in the rush of warmth she felt after each and every reading.

She was able to touch hearts, provide new outlooks on life and answer questions that her clients had struggled with for many years.
With experience, came proficiency and with proficiency, came loyalty.

Not only did her clients find a psychic they could count on for Truth, but they also knew that with each reading they were entering a safe haven, filled with light, warmth and compassion.
That�s why Cindy continues to maintain an ever growing list of devoted clients who sing her praises. Her sign is Sagittarius, which explains her honest and positive approach to life. Currently, she resides in Georgia.


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3/4/2016 ForeverLove13 5 stars Thanks Cindy :) 
2/24/2016 ForeverLove13 5 stars Thanks Cindy! 
2/19/2016 ForeverLove13 5 stars Cindy's time frames are exceptional. Thank you! 
2/2/2016 Neebar21 5 stars Thanks a million!!!! Will keep you posted!!! 
1/17/2016 Neebar21 5 stars Thank you so much Psychic Brown Eyes!!! I'm going to relax and enjoy this. She is so wonderful and I will call again!!! 
1/17/2016 Liv2bch 5 stars Always on point. Didn't sugar coat it and very upfront about what she saw. Excellent reading!! 
1/3/2016 ForeverLove13 5 stars Professional and real. First time caller, and will have to see how things pan out. Sort of general, but I was looking for a general answer (my situation is deep, but is still a yes or no scenario). Thanks Cindy, I appreciate it. 
8/26/2015 whiterose9937 5 stars I am so happy I called this reader. I was not sure about a lot of issues. I really needed to have someone guide me to the right path. This reader was friendly and honest. I look forwward to talking to this reader again Whiterose9937 
8/13/2015 viviana86 5 stars You are great! Thank you so much I'm in so much pain and you made me feel better today given me hope....will see how my life gets better.. 
8/2/2015 whiterose9937 5 stars  

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5 stars
Thanks Cindy :)
- ForeverLove13, 3/4/2016
5 stars
Thanks Cindy!
- ForeverLove13, 2/24/2016
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