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Category: Life Questions

Master Empathic Clairvoyant, Feel the POWER

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TRUE PSYCHIC CONNECTION-Accurate and Spiritual healing and well guided *Life Coach* with divine wisdom and integrity

☆ Master Psychic, Empath, Clairvoyant , Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Mediumship, Energy Reader, Spiritualist ☆
☆ No Self Promotion Reviews Speak for Themselfs ☆
☆ Has helped over a Thousand Repeated Clients from all over the World ☆
☆ Very Accurate an Consistent in all my Readings ☆
☆ Verry Blunt an Honest an to the Point ☆
☆ Never Waste your Time an Money ☆

My name is Fae, I primarily give live chat intuitive readings, where you tell me only your name and I can read for you with or without using any tools.
My Readings are done using a combination of my own Psychic Gift, Tarot and communication from my Spirit Guides.
I am, an Old Soul with the ability to feel deep compassion, I can give you honest answers and clarity to all your concerns,
I can help you to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over, including Pets.
I have the ability to help you Understand others and Find Closure around Current and Past Issues, To help with Emotional and Spiritual Healing.
I am an internationally known Spiritualist, Medium. Psychic. I also have 3rd generation Celtic roots. I was taught to cast Rune's an read Tarot when I was a child by my Grandmother, who was a Healer and Intuitive and that is what sent me down the path that I am on.
Over 30 years experience -- with excellent accuracy.

♪Life Coach Sessions = 20mins ( Please Inform me in Advance for Life Coach Sessions)
♪ Past/ Present/ Future
♪ I Ching Readings
♪Love & Relationship
♪ Career/ Finance's
♪Past Life's
♪Energy Readings
♪Faerie/ Angel Readings
♪Spirit Guild Readings
♪Aura Readings
♪Charkra Cleaseing/ Balancing Charkra's
♪ Pet Communication
♪Dream Analayis
♪ Pregnancy
♪ Health Issues
♪Sessions are usaully around 10 to 20 mins

☆Always make an effort to leave a Rating an Feedback for your Reading.☆
� PsychicFae
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