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Bree is a Psychic, Empath, Pagan. Her services range from relationships to ghost removal. She can tell you what he or she is thinking/feeling about you! She can protect you from harm. Once you call Bree, you will be back

make sparkles My name is Bree Madison
I am a professional Psychic,Empath, Relationship Expert with over 20 years experience!
I use my spirit guides to help you! I take my job very seriously, and meditate on a daily basis, performing a spiritual ritual before I come on-line.
I prefer to "chat" as opposed to the phone, because I am an Empath and I do soak up others' pain.

I am a Witch, and can stop the person who is harassing you in their tracks if they are harming you. I do spell work when I find it is necessary, which is very rare. I am of the light, and I have studied and honed my skills for many years now.

I can assimilate people and the reason why they are in your life, and tell you what they think of you.
The information makes it easier for you to make future decisions.
I do not make decisions for you, I just give you the information and help you out of a dark place. I know once you call me, you will be back!

Fast Typist! 75 WPM

I offer the following abilities:
Clairvoyant Clairsentient Clairtangent Claircognizance Clairalience Reiki Healing Chemical Dependency Counseling Relationship Counseling Spiritual Counseling Through Your Angels

Email reading $10.00 per question! Just email me!

Please understand that NO psychic can spit out information in a matter of 2 minutes! We are not machines. Please give yourself at least 5 minutes for a good I have to connect first. If you plan to contact me, email me for a few free minutes so I can connect for you! <3.

With Love and Light~
Blessed May You Always Be

Bree Madison

New! Try an email reading all about you for only $45.00! I will need your name and DOB. The reading will tell you which dates to avoid as well as DOB's of your soul mates! It will also include what you were placed on this earth to do this time around! Email me for your reading! $45.00

If I am not available, my sisters and brothers are here to help you out! Carefully chosen group of messengers for you! The Messengers a new group formed of only the best! See for yourself.. you are sure to find the answers you seek!
Call The Messengers
Please be kind and leave feedback after your session so that I am able to help others.
New! Free minutes when feedback is left.

Customers must be 18 years of age or older. Will not take responsibility for choices that are made after our consultation. Everyone has free will~ will be straight up honest with you and only tell you what the spirit guides are telling me.

I DO NOT sugar-coat only give you the truth! PLEASE do not leave negative feedback for being told the truth, or to get a free reading from me and Keen. This is stealing, and Karma tends to frown upon these types of behaviors.
I am usually on in the early afternoon; if you need me, just shoot me an email and we can make an appointment, so I can come online for you!

Blessed Be~

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