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Gain awareness, insight, and peace of mind NOW! I am gifted psychic and work with my spirit guide Xviiola to deliver the answers you seek. We are extremely accurate and only need names to read your situation.



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Energetic Readings by Amy

At the age of four, I began having visions and hearing the voice of my spirit guide, Xviiola. She would tell me things about my future, the people around me, and events that would take place later in my life. As I grew up, I realized that all the predictions and information she offered me as a child was accurate and very truthful and that was the beginning of my lifelong journey into the unseen...

When I began practicing reading the energies of friends and family to test out my skills, I found that I was able to tap into them very accurately - even predicting events, relationships, and breakthroughs that would unfold for them time and time again.

After attaining my college degree and a brief stint in the corporate world, I decided to start sharing my gifts with others as a full time career. I have performed over 15,000 readings on Keen over the last 8 years and I truly love assisting those who are seeking accurate and honest insights.

My reading style is straightforward, compassionate, yet very honest. I will not withhold any information I receive for you so please be prepared to hear nothing but the truth when you call. I do not sugarcoat situations to make them more palatable, as that would be doing you a disservice.

Honest feedback is always appreciated!

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Date Rated by Rating Comments
5/24/2016 gem04 5 stars Thank you! 
5/18/2016 Member284678 5 stars Thank you for being honest. I will update you later :) 
5/2/2016 7unicorns 5 stars Thank you for your insight! 
5/1/2016 melgillies 5 stars Thanks! 
4/27/2016 Tammy808 5 stars Thanks Amy :) 
4/25/2016 Tammy808 5 stars Thank you! sorry I had to go but that was very helpful :) 
4/22/2016 lunachanga 5 stars Thank you! 
4/21/2016 melgillies 5 stars Thanks! 
4/16/2016 mirellaa 5 stars Thank you. 
4/13/2016 Member666540 3 stars This is difficult for me to give a 3, because I always honor the truth of the gift as a 5. She was able to connect and pick-up on situation and provide clear input. However, the chat speed is very sloooow. I monitored the clock and there would be over 1 minute wait for a chat response a response. This is a loooooooong time where we are paying by the minute. I decided to stick it out for ten minutes. The amount of information and detail was heavily reduced. With chat, there has to be a speed in responding and creating an energy of interaction. Waiting for more than 20sec for a response isn't value. Probably a better read on phone. 

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Recent Feedback
5 stars
Thank you!
- gem04, 5/24/2016
5 stars
Thank you for being honest. I will update you later :)
- Member284678, 5/18/2016
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