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Don't tell me! I'll tell you why you have called! All I need is you're name and D.O.B. Not Knowing can be torment! I have your answers! Take Control of your future! A Five Star Top 12 Keen Psychic!!


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Hello Friend ... My name is Elle Martin

I am Clairvoyant and a Psychic Astrologer
I make predictions of events by the stars!

Do you have questions concerning your future?
Your Love life?
your finances?
Is he/she faithful?
Will I get that job or raise?
Is he/she the one?

I will answer all of your questions with a true and warm heart!
Not knowing can be torment!

All your questions can be answered with one call!!

Don't tell me!
I'll tell you why you have called!
All I need is your name and date of birth!

Your on this site for a reason!
To get ANSWERS!!
I have them for You!

What are you waiting for?
I know what you need to know!!


I now offer a Personal Numerology Chart
Allow at least 1-2 days for a reply.

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Elle Martin's Feedback for this Listing in Love & Relationships
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5/24/2016 kellykell 1 star Hello, Ive talk to Elle before and she was great i just think tonight she was really confused as to who and what i was trying to discuss. She Asked a lot of questions and seemed frustrated with what i was trying to say. I don't know if i was being vague or she is use to telling me what she thinks i am feeling and tonight my situation was completely different from anything i've talk to her about before. was unable to really grab anything aside from common knowledge from the convo. Refund please. 
5/24/2016 SkDs4ev202 5 stars Thanks! 
5/24/2016 Doatg 5 stars Elle your always here to listen to me and give me support and help me try to understand my situation even thou my mind is driving me nuts over thinking everything. You find the words to keep me on the right track and tell me to stop thinking the worse or trying to make sense out of everything. 
5/24/2016 NM08 5 stars Much appreciated and truly consistent! Thanks Elle! 
5/24/2016 SkDs4ev202 5 stars Thanks again! 
5/24/2016 Member53986546 5 stars Thanks sista 
5/24/2016 dsremmenga 5 stars Great reader, quick and very positive! 
5/23/2016 Leah0518 5 stars Very good talking to u again. U are always cheerful and so good to me. Your predictions came to pass, hopefully they will come to pass again. Thanks Elle. 
5/23/2016 wintersonata 5 stars Big Sis is The Best! Thank you for all your love, lite, and compassion! Our connection is wonderful and I trust you with all my heart! 
5/23/2016 Weston0510 5 stars Elle is the best! Looking forward to seeing her readings come to pass again! 

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Hello, Ive talk to Elle before and she was great i just think tonight she was really confused a...
- kellykell, 5/24/2016
5 stars
- SkDs4ev202, 5/24/2016
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