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Don't tell me! I'll tell you why you have called! All I need is you're name and D.O.B. Not Knowing can be torment! I have your answers! Take Control of your future! A Five Star Top 14 Keen Psychic!!


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Hello Friend ... My name is Elle Martin

I am Clairvoyant and a Psychic Astrologer
I make predictions of events by the stars!

Do you have questions concerning your future?
Your Love life?
your finances?
Is he/she faithful?
Will I get that job or raise?
Is he/she the one?

I will answer all of your questions with a true and warm heart!
Not knowing can be torment!

All your questions can be answered with one call!!

Don't tell me!
I'll tell you why you have called!
All I need is your name and date of birth!

Your on this site for a reason!
To get ANSWERS!!
I have them for You!

What are you waiting for?
I know what you need to know!!


I now offer a Personal Numerology Chart
Allow at least 1-2 days for a reply.

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Elle Martin's Feedback for this Listing in Love & Relationships
Feedback Responses: 36943


Date Rated by Rating Comments
7/28/2015 Starry Eyed Angel 5 stars Thank you! 
7/28/2015 GiovannaB 5 stars El is still stands by her prediction despite my strong doubts so I'll continue to patiently wait for the outcome. She says contact will happen any day now. I will follow up when it happens. Thank you as always! 
7/28/2015 wintersonata 5 stars I needed to know so I got back in line! Thank you again, Big Sis! I am smiling =) 
7/28/2015 wintersonata 5 stars I need to let Everyone who is reading Elle Martin's Feedbacks BIG SIS IS OUT OF THIS WORLD! I have been seeking advice from this wonderful lady for several years now and today I need to confirm with all What Big Sis Sees Comes To Pass! I was impatient at first and when things didn't happen I would be disappointed! I can't say enough good things about this Psychic except 99.9% of her predictions have come true! I'll never stop talking to my Big Sis! Call Elle Martin she helped me avoid mistakes and helped me attract my happy life! 
7/28/2015 wintersonata 5 stars Thank you Big Sis! xoxoxox 
7/28/2015 Jinkers 5 stars Sorry I couldn't chat longer :( Thank you for the reassurance that things are happening soon, and that I can feel it. I'm excited about the changes to come! Thank you Elle, for always being patient. Your insight has always been stellar! 
7/28/2015 chica2014 5 stars Thx are great! 
7/26/2015 JUDITHX 5 stars thank you for the reading i hope it works out, i don't want to feel like this anymore 
7/26/2015 dsremmenga 5 stars Thanks so much, I like the way you find what is troubling me and focus on the truth. 
7/26/2015 5168 5 stars not sure about his reading, but thank you 

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5 stars
Thank you!
- Starry Eyed Angel, 7/28/2015
5 stars
El is still stands by her prediction despite my strong doubts so I'll continue to patiently wait ...
- GiovannaB, 7/28/2015
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