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Love? Career? Kids? Soul Mates? Quick answers!

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Ellen Hartwell is an experienced reader who is an empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient and who uses no tools. Soul mate? Career? Past life? All questions answered quickly! Call Ellen now!

Ellen Hartwell welcomes you to her site and looks forward to taking your call.

Ellen will tell you the truth. This is a no sugar-coating zone!

Ellen Hartwell is an authentic, experienced and accurate reader who will quickly, truthfully and compassionately answer your questions regarding love, past life experiences, career, family issues and most any other question you might have. If you are looking for someone to tell you a fairy tale, Ellen Hartwell is not the one. NOTE: Please do not ask me any medical questions as it is against Keen's policy for me to answer questions regarding your health. ALSO: IN MY OPINION, TIMING IS DIVINE. THEREFORE TIME FRAMES GIVEN BY ME ARE APPROXIMATE. I WILL NOT SEE EVERY DETAIL AS I AM A PSYCHIC NOT GOD. If I do not know the answer to one of your questions, I will simply tell you that I do not know. I neither perform nor believe in spells so don't ask about that, please. Feedback helps callers to know what to expect and helps me to improve my skills. Please leave feedback!

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7/28/2015 HiFive11 5 stars met someone new and he too has special gifts and can pick up on my energy. Ellen was able to ease my mind and that he is ok to get to know him and he and I will be good friends, since i too have similar gifts. thank you. 
7/27/2015 sunspot 5 stars Absolutely wonderful, as always! She tunes right into my questions and reads the energy, people, and circumstances with such clarity and accuracy, and always offers gentle, empowering guidance to take me further on my path. Thank you so much for all you do! 
7/27/2015 Divinealign 5 stars Ellen is a brilliant advisor-fast and clear and filled with wisdom. I resonate with her reading that things are about to blossom for me on the romance front with the man I love. Thank you and for your daily inspirations! 
7/26/2015 HiFive11 5 stars big prediction is what I'm waiting for, Ellen has been on point in other areas and looking forward for the promotion. 
7/26/2015 hgodin 5 stars Thank you, Ellen. Always so nice to speak with you! You have always been right on the mark with his relationship with his mother. I agree with you that I have to do what feels right with my heart. 
7/26/2015 Mel4912 5 stars great call - looking forward to your predictions 
7/25/2015 M504131 5 stars Hadn't spoken to Ellen in a few months, truly wonderful! Her insight is always on point. Thank you! =) 
7/25/2015 Twinkle01 5 stars Sorry for the late feedback. I am excited for the future and have some interesting things coming up. Thank you for your advice with the upcoming interview!! 
7/24/2015 oceanbreeze62 5 stars LOVE this lady! She gets right to business, very insightful and accurate. She totally tuned into business matters and other things. In the course of talking to her she mentioned something that I believe will be a key piece in moving forward with a project my daughter and I are developing. Highly recommend. 
7/22/2015 itllbefinetomorrow 5 stars Great professional reading. Fast, clear, and detailed. Ellen's insights have been very helpful for me to put things in perspective and regain my focus. Connecting with her calm, kind energy is also very refreshing. Wonderful advisor. Thank you, Ellen. 

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5 stars
met someone new and he too has special gifts and can pick up on my energy. Ellen was able to ease ...
- HiFive11, 7/28/2015
5 stars
Absolutely wonderful, as always! She tunes right into my questions and reads the energy, people, ...
- sunspot, 7/27/2015
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