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Empath *** Claircognizant *** Tarot Reader. Hi! Im Amanda! Im a friendly, skilled and honest reader who will help you understand your love life and how to move through any hurts and/or healings you are going through.


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Hello! My name is Amanda and I'm happy to be here to assist you in gaining more clairity around any questions or concerns you may be dealing with today. I am able to combine my empathic claircognizant gifts with a real world understanding of tarot to gain true insight from both your guides and my own.

I am honest, real, and easy to talk to. I have a genuine desire to help people and I always keep an open heart and mind. My intuitive abilities work best when presented with direct questions that are asked openly. I do not claim to be a mind reader or psychic style is conversational and requires a two-way exchange of energy.

I have also built a strong connection to Psychology, Animal Medicine and I am walking a Shaman/Healer path in this life. If you are in search of a deeper healing I am able to assist you with that as well.

The images above and below are from an art tarot deck that I am creating and will give you an idea of the spiritual energy I connect with and am able to bring to your reading.

Empathic Amanda's Feedback for this Listing in Love & Relationships
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7/17/2016 resjudicata 5 stars First time caller. She was very good in how she attuned. I wasn't expecting how fair she was to the thoughts and feelings of both parties. She was right though about focusing and putting the drama to the side for now. 
5/1/2016 mycrystal727 5 stars Ty 
4/23/2016 Mangochingu 5 stars This was eye opening and really resonated with me. She took the time to explain everything in detail, encourage me, and also maintain a level of honesty that was really needed. I'm feeling pretty inspired to do more internal work and she helped give me the kick in the butt to do it. This reader has the vibe of talking to a wise, kindhearted friend. I highly recommend her! 
3/14/2016 Flower4991 5 stars Call her with love/romance questions! Very helpful! 
2/29/2016 beautiful4ever 5 stars She was very nice. Seemed to pick up on things. We'll see if she is right. I couldn't ad funds, cause Keen system wouldn't let me on the call. When I was able to, I tried calling back, but she was unavailable. Sorry...  
1/2/2016 fountainad 5 stars Thanks Amanda! Always great checking in with you! 
11/29/2015 cak 5 stars Always an amazing call. Picks up right away and so much depth of insight. 
11/17/2015 passionista 5 stars excellent reading. thank you, amanda! 
10/20/2015 Sirena367 5 stars Amanda is a great reader! She is very warm, friendly and gets straight the point. Highly recommended! 
10/15/2015 mariel6979 5 stars Great talk very accurate thank you 

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Recent Feedback
5 stars
First time caller. She was very good in how she attuned. I wasn't expecting how fair she was to th...
- resjudicata, 7/17/2016
5 stars
- mycrystal727, 5/1/2016
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