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Hello, my name is Ted. I am an Empath, Clairvoyant, and Tarot reader using the oldest interpretation of Tarot and Angel Oracle that can offer the gift of insight with compassion and connection to your future. Fear and doubt is opposite faith. God and his Angels that surround you want you to realize your gifts and see the positive and bring in your strengths. Love, family and money are core to us all and I can help....

Ten minute readings are highly recommended for a clear insight. That clarity will help greatly see into the heart of your mate, or pursuit so that you may hear the wisdom inside yourself and manifest your miracles.

I will honestly tell you what I see, hear and feel to specific questions. Let me know your specific details as you would a closest friend. The more focused the question, the more specific the answer will be.... What I read is always truthfully answered with compassion and kindness.

In depth email readings offer a way to gain insights that may be easier for your schedule. $10 per question, or three questions for $25, each with a three card spread that will channel important elements of the past, deciding elements of the present and the critical element of the future.

Feedback is always gratefully appreciated....

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2/1/2016 LuvTwoSnuggle 5 stars Awww thanks so much for following up Ted :). You are good for me! As always, I appreciate you looking into this and giving me clarifying insights. It helps me to stay grounded and focused and more true to me! You are fabulous! 
1/30/2016 SpiritualGal 5 stars Thank you Ted for your insights and free minutes. I really enjoy talking with you. Talk to you soon:) 
1/29/2016 TrueDivineLove 5 stars This call was amazing as always! Ted is fantastic and so very detailed. He is the absolute best in the world and I would give him a million stars if I could. Thank you so very much, Ted, and I will follow up on your prediction! Bless you my dear friend! 
1/24/2016 LuvTwoSnuggle 5 stars Always so good. You bring peace and clarity :). I appreciate you!! Thank you until next time!! 
1/24/2016 Reachigher 5 stars Always great to talk to and your accuracy is on target. Thanks again for all you do. 
1/21/2016 sunspot 5 stars Outstanding! Ted's insights are always so profound, truthful, and deeply empowering. Thank you so much for all you do! 
1/19/2016 Vinterevening 5 stars Thank you!! Always such a pleasure and blessing to talk with you!! You always tune right in, and remembers the details we have talked about, so no time wasted on re explaining! I love your deep and detailed insight, and it is a great help!! Many blessings to you and yours!! 
1/19/2016 SpiritualGal 5 stars Thank you Ted for your awesome, detailed reading. (Per usual) I will talk to you soon. Blessings :) 
1/13/2016 lorrinder 5 stars awesome excellant quick ty 
1/11/2016 evasgrand 5 stars Thank you Ted. You are always right on.. Enjoyed talking to you. 

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5 stars
Awww thanks so much for following up Ted :). You are good for me! As always, I appreciate you look...
- LuvTwoSnuggle, 2/1/2016
5 stars
Thank you Ted for your insights and free minutes. I really enjoy talking with you. Talk to you soo...
- SpiritualGal, 1/30/2016
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