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Hello, my name is Ted. I am an Empath, Clairvoyant, and Tarot reader using the oldest interpretation of Tarot and Angel Oracle that can offer the gift of insight with compassion and connection to your future. Fear and doubt is opposite faith. God and his Angels that surround you want you to realize your gifts and see the positive and bring in your strengths. Love, family and money are core to us all and I can help....

Ten minute readings are highly recommended for a clear insight. That clarity will help greatly see into the heart of your mate, or pursuit so that you may hear the wisdom inside yourself and manifest your miracles.

I will honestly tell you what I see, hear and feel to specific questions. Let me know your specific details as you would a closest friend. The more focused the question, the more specific the answer will be.... What I read is always truthfully answered with compassion and kindness.

In depth email readings offer a way to gain insights that may be easier for your schedule. $10 per question, or three questions for $25, each with a three card spread that will channel important elements of the past, deciding elements of the present and the critical element of the future.

Feedback is always gratefully appreciated....

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4/26/2015 butterflyup 5 stars Thank you Ted..always accurate compassionate and reassuring! You are on target about his job. I'm trying to be patient and have faith. 
4/23/2015 sandi38 5 stars Thank you so muc h 
4/23/2015 TwinFlameLove 5 stars Thank you, Ted!! He has a break from that other situation by being away with work. I will keep you updated! You are awesome! 
4/21/2015 Reachigher 5 stars Unlike other readers, you can count on most of his predictions to come to fruition. I love this man's energy, kind and gentle nature, and prolific reading abilities. He is a trusted friend and advisor. Thanks as always Ted. 
4/20/2015 leonie4566 5 stars Thank you very much, great reading! 
4/20/2015 lorrinder 5 stars awesome excellant thank u 
4/19/2015 evasgrand 5 stars Love ted 
4/19/2015 evasgrand 5 stars thank you Ted 
4/12/2015 Reachigher 5 stars Always a good reader. He picks up emotions,feelings, and general thoughts of others very well. Sometimes, he uses the same exact words that the person uses without having known they use those words. A great man - he always gives his readings his all. 
4/10/2015 sandi38 5 stars Thank you so much. Always a great call 

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5 stars
Thank you Ted..always accurate compassionate and reassuring! You are on target about his job. ...
- butterflyup, 4/26/2015
5 stars
Thank you so muc h
- sandi38, 4/23/2015
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