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TESTED: 12+ Yrs. with Keen - sharing whatever I see & hear from the guides: Good or not so. Have your Questions ready when you call as I do not offer General Reading - your life's journey is about MORE!


Destiny/Life Path

Skills and Methods



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My Approach

Using my gifts, I am able to recognize sources of negative energy in and around your life. Once identified, I am able to help you make choices to clear the negativity and help lead you down the right life-destiny path. My guidance is honest and thoughtful specific to you and your life's situation. Our call session(s) are designed by you and as such the outcome is to lead you towards a most positive, joyful life which is full of inner peace.

My Background

I have to say I first recognized I had been blessed with special gifts as a child. Many times, I knew things before they happened and since I was young this was not easily understand by my family or friends. Knowing what was to come for or how someone felt about another really never bothered me. I now share these gifts with my clients on Keen, which is a passion of mine. I humbly ask that you allow me the privilege of helping you find answers to whatever questions you are asking, or information you are seeking.
Send Peace and Be the Light!
Answers Given to Your Most Private & Personal Questions.

One of Gina Marie1�s many gifts is sensing and interpreting the energy that is exchanged within your relationships.
She has the ability to see those in question and is able to identify unique characteristics about each personality, intention, their physical attributes, whether or not you have a spiritual attachment and many other core issues.
She has a high degree of accuracy and decades of experience as a personal advisor.
She does NOT EVER offer General Readings... as she feels your life's journey is larger than having a General Reading which will touch on many life areas but is specific to none.
KNOW this as factual: Your life journey is about much more than what comes through in a General Reading.
So tune in and look at the specific matters, life issues or concerns then ask that question.
She will get to what's at the center of all your heart's desires with you..if you directly ask her.

She does need a specific question to begin ALWAYS!!!
She never offer spells or to mediate for ANY caller as this is NOT part of her intrinsic belief system. Actually she falls asleep when trying to mediate and utilizes prayer as her form of connection. ONLY if you ask her will she pray for you and it is at no cost to you the caller. As prayers are free according to Gina Marie1 and they DO NOT involve spells, candles, incense, crystals or any form of divination.

About All Relationships
A genuine person will share their thoughts and feelings without pretense.
In the presence of a genuine person there is trust.
With trust comes the willingness to open up to one another.
A genuine person allows their true self to be known, seen and shared.
Being an open person means being vulnerable.

Many times callers are married...
however if she does not see wedding rings over their heads, it will be presented to as a Non-marriage since the couple is not connecting well spiritually.
It is always best and most wise to share with Gina Marie1 IF you are married
she is able dig deeper into your situation for you.

Remember: She Does NOT Offer General Readings
She needs a specific question to begin....ALWAYS.

When action is based on good intentions then our soul will have no regrets.

*Do you want to bring in more positive energy?
*Do you want to know how to steer clear of or eliminate negativity?

She is a clear channel and when she provides data she will give you clear information in simple words as given by her guides provided to her:

She will not tell you something because it is what you want to hear. She is non-judgmental and is here to assist, guide and at times with your permission walk with you on the path that leads to the inner calmness you are seeking.

If you hold it clearly and positively in your mind; if you physically anticipate it, steadily, day by day, there is nothing whatsoever that can stop those thoughts from manifesting: positive or negative. Just be really, really sure you want what you desire to manifest.
Is 54:17 NKJV

She does not believe in "Curses" and you will NEVER hear her use that word .... not ever!

This site is protected.
No one has her permission to read her or use any form of divination during her call sessions to read themselves or Gina Marie1 during their calls sessions. No one has permission to read Gina Marie1 after the call session has ended not Ever.
She will block all callers who violate this Golden Spiritual Rule as it is unacceptable to read another, tap into their energy or attempt an energy GRAB without their direct and explicitly given permission. Gina Marie1 has given to no-one permission to be within her energy or use it for any purpose whatsoever!

DISCLAIMER: Please note you must be 18 years of age or older to call. Any advice or guidance you receive is not a substitute for professional advice you would normally receive from a licensed professional such as a doctor, psychologist, lawyer or financial consultant. I will not be responsible for any interpretation made or used by the recipient of the provided information.
For Entertainment Purposes Only.
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Date Rated by Rating Comments
8/31/2015 Member 1263597 5 stars Short but good! 
8/30/2015 Ana8123 5 stars Great reading ..She could look into my situation and give me clear insights.. Very uplifting and motivating. 
8/28/2015 sassafras123 5 stars Always a wonderful & honest reading! 
8/26/2015 MEASingle 5 stars Gina Marie has really given me great insight on many issues I have been dealing with over the last month. She has not always told me what I wanted to hear, but that is part of the deal. Her words are open and honest. Her readings are like a conversation with a friend. She asks questions to help understand what she is seeing and feeling. Everything she has told me so far has come true. Listen, trust and believe!! :) I can't wait for what the future holds! Thanks! 
8/26/2015 MEASingle 5 stars Gina Marie is very honest. She has been accurate in the past and shares what she hears and feels for the future. Her availability is also great. If you schedule a call back she always makes herself available. Thanks!! 
8/25/2015 Kiska1118 5 stars Very polite and nice to speak with you. Things will get interesting. 
8/23/2015 malinda82 5 stars Thanks!!! Great call 
8/23/2015 malinda82 5 stars Fantastic as always 
8/23/2015 malinda82 5 stars Awesome!!! Call Gina 
8/23/2015 Khaleesi44 3 stars Gina sent me to another reader because apparently I had an "attachment", which was automatically a red flag to me. Anyone who offers to meditate or remove something from you, or offers a spell, is 99% of the time a scam. I talked to the guy and he was really nice, and Gina did offer me free minutes for our follow up, so that was pretty great. I just want people to be on guard in case this is a recurring theme in other readings. My questions didn't really get answered because I didn't want to shell out more money than I had already spent on this Attachment situation. 

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5 stars
Short but good!
- Member 1263597, 8/31/2015
5 stars
Great reading ..She could look into my situation and give me clear insights.. Very uplifting and ...
- Ana8123, 8/30/2015
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