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TESTED: 11+ Yrs. with Keen - sharing whatever I see and hear from the guides: Good or not so. Have your Questions ready when you call as I do not offer General Readings as your life's journey is about MORE!
I recognized as a child that I had been blessed with my gifts. I often knew things before they happened. Knowing what was to come for someone really never bothered me as it just was the way it was with me. I now share these gifts with my clients on Keen, which is a passion of mine. I ask that you allow me the privilege of helping you find answers to your questions or information you are seeking. I NEVER SPEAK OF VOODOO OR SUCH THINGS - I DO NOT USE ANY FORM OF DIVINATION. HOWEVER, IF YOU ARE IN A ROOM WHERE SOMEONE IS LIGHTING CANDLES, BURNING INCENSE & CASTINGS SPELLS TO INFLUENCE A LOVER - - WHICH A RECENT NEW CLIENT TOLD ME WAS GOING ON WHEN I PICKED UP ON THE TAROT CARDS, CANDLES & SPELLWORK. BELIEVE THIS - I WILL PICK-UP ON THE NEGATIVE ENERGY IN THAT ROOM AS IT WILL LINGER & BE PRESENT IN YOUR CALL SESSION.
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Using my gifts, I am able to sense energies of those in and around your life. Once identified, I am able to help you make choices to clear any negativity. I am able to help you go down the right life-destiny path. Many clients feel a sense of peace from our call sessions as they are able to move forward with more self-knowledge. Other clients receive a sense of closure especially if we have connected to someone who has crossed-over. My guidance is honest and thoughtfully specific to you and your life's situation. Our call session(s) are designed by you and as such the outcome is whatever is needed to lead you towards a most positive, more joyful and fulfilling life which is full of a greater sense of inner peace. I am available when you are ready to hear what is given for you!
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