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Honest Spirit-Oracle @ Yr Service! Happy 2015!!

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As a spirit-oracle and clairaudient belonging to the Tantric spiritual tradition I work hard to divine clear answers for you about love, work & spirituality

I work Keen weekly as a Tantric spirit-oracle & clairaudient based on Kundalini arousal. Ask the oracle WHATEVER you like (love/career/past lives/spiritual growth, etc) but know that the spiritual power of my readings are predicated on complete honesty. I CAN ONLY COMMUNICATE WHAT THE SPIRIT IS CONVEYING: NO SUGARCOATING -> and you only hear what you're supposed to at the appropriate TIME, so the interplay of your future karmas (actions) & FREE WILL can unfold as they're destined. NO ONE IS 100% accurate, but I hope you leave feedback based upon the effort & clarity I put into my readings, not based upon receiving the good news you wanted to hear.

Bio: Growing up in a traditional Hindu household, Vikramadithya Ikshvivek began meditating early; as a teen he endured out-of-body experiences via the otherworldly rush of Kundalini arousal. To deal with his peculiar relationship with reality, he chose to study its simulation, cinema. While in the Master's of Fine Arts program at the prestigious American Film Institute at the age of 26 he fell into a mysterious trance while ill, and began hearing a powerful, female ethereal voice. Following graduation, in addition to launching his production company Valkyrie Media in 2009, on the side he started practicing divination and working as a clairaudient, all with the aid of the same voice. In 2010 while producing a documentary shoot in Calcutta on yoga celebrity Psalm Isadora, he had an illuminating near-death experience after visiting a Goddess Kali temple. The following year he was approved as a subject for his second-cousin Vikas Malhotra's PhD study at UC Santa Barbara on spirit-possession in South Asian religion, and began writing a memoir on his mystical experiences. Appropriately enough he lives in Los Angeles, perennially the City of Angels and various assorted spirits.

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4/25/2015 CLemur 5 stars Sorry I am short on funds but thank you for the certification I needed. It was amazing how you told me the last time we spoke that my ex-roommate had stolen items from my home. After I have realized she did. So petty. Thank you. 
4/20/2015 Crimson1203 5 stars Always brilliant, always on point... He gave me a hint about something and it has been validated this month... He said in April and its happening as he saw it.... 
4/13/2015 CLemur 5 stars The best to ever speak to! 
4/13/2015 kimmiedaw 5 stars just awesome! wonderful conversation and great feedback. Ikshvivek is the real deal! Thanks so much for taking my call. 
4/12/2015 mem 562 1 star Wasn't clear, couldn't make out what he was saying at times. Kept stumbling over his words, like he was stalling. Had to remind him to answer my question and to be more clear since I can't make out what he was saying. Then he goes by saying projecting his reading through spirit takes his breath away...if that's the shouldn't be giving VERBAL readings over the phone that require VOICE and needing to breathe and enunciate 
4/4/2015 994606 5 stars Amazing- as always!! It's like "must see tv", you MUST read with Vik and Elsa, or your passing up a truthful, accurate and spot on reading with correct predictions 
4/4/2015 624617 5 stars Sorry for the short call but I wanted to share how great he is! I asked if my contract job would become permanent. He told me I would have a choice with a bigger company and my current role was somewhat restrictive even though they have the money to hire me in. I didn't tell him that I was at a small start- up that just got a huge amount of funding. I trust his words so much. Thank you!! 
4/4/2015 Crimson1203 5 stars Always the best. He said his son would reconnect in April and it's happening as of now. 
3/29/2015 994606 5 stars Best psychic ever!!! Vick and his guide Elsa and dead on with timelines and reading people and situations. I've never been given false hope, Vik is so caring and funny, but even more.. he's been right 
3/23/2015 Crimson1203 5 stars The only one that is able to put my mind at ease.... The one I trust 

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5 stars
Sorry I am short on funds but thank you for the certification I needed. It was amazing how you ...
- CLemur, 4/25/2015
5 stars
Always brilliant, always on point... He gave me a hint about something and it has been validated t...
- Crimson1203, 4/20/2015
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