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Johnna Duke's Feedback for this Listing in Life Questions
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5/2/2016 golden era 5 stars I must say she is a genuine deal. She picks up really really well. Such a nice lady! Your advice is priceless honey. Thank you Johnna X 
5/2/2016 pearl99 5 stars Great reading looking forward the prediction ! 
5/1/2016 nikim101 5 stars So you were right about hearing something. I did finally hear back today to reschedule for later this week. I'm not terribly upset over the reschedule because I am a little tired today from my trip. Hopefully this time over the reschedule things will finally come out 
5/1/2016 knel27 5 stars I am so happy I got to speak with you today!!! I really missed you this past week. Overall it was a great trip, a lot happened, all for the better. Thanks to you I have a clear understanding of the events in my life and what is to come. I wouldn't be where I am without your guidance. Thank you for everything that you do. Johnna is the best psychic, advisor, and friend. I wish I could chat longer. Her positivity is infectious! Love this woman so much. Call soon!! 
4/30/2016 ElsieGirl 5 stars Ty Johnna, as always you had some very helpful advice for me and I am truly hoping that as always, your wonderful magic continues to help! Johnna has amazing magical gifts that have to be seen to know! Fingers crossed again for glamour and the other stuff! xxx 
4/30/2016 Angelsamongus 5 stars Thank you for your help. I greatly appreciate you!! You are a blessing. 
4/30/2016 kga 5 stars She was so on point... I wish I could've added. Thank u... 
4/30/2016 Shiloh1 5 stars What a turn around, right!? Lol... Johnna, thank you!! I'm really feeling good now about all these changes. This year is finally picking up!! I'm so excited for what you have in store now!! It's working, girl!! You're the best!!!! 
4/30/2016 newchapter 5 stars Fingers crossed for Monday. You are always on point and it is hard not to get excited. Things are going well considering both situations. Thanks for being so honest and supportive! 
4/30/2016 LACEE 5 stars Wow! Started seeing results right away! Yay! Looking forward to what May has in store. You rock!! I'll keep you up dated 😉 

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Recent Feedback
5 stars
I must say she is a genuine deal. She picks up really really well. Such a nice lady! Your advice is...
- golden era, 5/2/2016
5 stars
Great reading looking forward the prediction !
- pearl99, 5/2/2016
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