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Category: Life Questions

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One of KEENS most popular Psychics. See what all the BUZZ is about. Proven accuracy and RESULTS. Magical assistance is always FREE of charge. I can see your future and help you CHANGE it. SEE FEEDBACK.


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Johnna Duke's Feedback for this Listing in Life Questions
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11/27/2015 knel27 5 stars Love Johnna! thank you so much for always being there for me. What a crazy year, seriously can't wait for 2016! I truly appreciate everything you do, for putting up with me and all the drama. Only a few more days, and atleast some of the stress will be removed! A million stars!!! xo 
11/27/2015 Annamaria02 5 stars I love Johnna :0) she is wonderful, very fast connection and she just gives u a true honest answers every reading she is very patient and very much on the target :0) I can't thank her enough cause she puts up w me and is there for me every time!!!! A good friend :0) 
11/26/2015 strawberryjam 5 stars he told me he hates the job!! you were Right 
11/25/2015 jsanchez64 5 stars LOVE YOU!!!!!! AMAZING 
11/25/2015 outspokengr 5 stars HAPPY THANKSGIVING JOHNNA!!! well he reached out to me yesterday by text. he did ask about thanksgiving. told him i was busy. dont know where it goes from here. but i feel it is over regardless cause he is to messed up. hope u enjoy your day!!! 
11/25/2015 knel27 5 stars always the best. Sorry i am so angry and frustrated...i really appreciate you putting up with me. This is definitely one of the worst days I've had in a while. Things seem so broken right now, i'm so tired of being sad and waiting for him on top of all the work stress. I'm really hoping for kind of miracle. Thank goodness I atleast have you to talk to. You've been a ray of light in my darkness. Not enough stars for such a beautiful and talented advisor. Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I shall be using this intense energy for studying! 
11/25/2015 newchapter 5 stars Thanks for being so great. You see some really good things in the near future and I am trying to be patient and let it all happen, because I know it will. :) 
11/24/2015 ElsieGirl 5 stars I wish I could chat to Johnna for so much longer. time goes incredibly quickly with her as there's always so much to discuss. Thank you as always for knowing a solution, yet again to help things xxx 
11/24/2015 Lightworker2 5 stars Love you! You are awesome!! Thanks for everything always happy thanksgiving!! 
11/24/2015 Nb14 5 stars Johnna is so amazing that She told me a while ago, on a my site was done my bf would show it to investors and that is exactly what he told me his plan was yesterday! She predicted this weeks ago!!!!! I can't wait! Also this person would promote and want to be a part of it. So excited! Also my ring Xmas! Yayyy 

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5 stars
Love Johnna! thank you so much for always being there for me. What a crazy year, seriously can't w...
- knel27, 11/27/2015
5 stars
I love Johnna :0) she is wonderful, very fast connection and she just gives u a true honest answer...
- Annamaria02, 11/27/2015
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