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I was blessed with the gift of medium-ship and remote-viewing and I am here to empower you through difficult situations in your lifelong journey. Do call now so that we can begin creating your dream life.



Skills and Methods

Remote Viewing



My Approach

I am warm and heart-centered and completely open-minded. There is no issue whether it is large or small that I can not help you resolve and create the life that you would love to live. My mission is clear to me that I am here to serve others with love and to fill their lives with inspiration. Let's begin.

My Background

I have been empowering the lives of others since I was very young girl when I recognized my rare psychic gifts and my mission to serve. Since then I have studied the metaphysical arts in-depth so that I could expand these gifts and make the most positive impact on the lives of others. My heartfelt desire is to help you create a fulfilling life. I look forward to serving you. Please do call now!

I am a psychic to many stars, writers, artists, other professional psychics and ordinary souls with extraordinary dreams. I have used my gifts to help them live a life of abundance, joy, prosperity and peace. I embrace the opportunity to serve you and for you to benefit from my psychic gifts.

I receive the answers to your questions from a voice that speaks to me. Let us go to the world where my spirits can guide us. I am true to myself, a free spirit with very strong feelings and adept abilities. I am very thoughtful with my clients feelings, thought and emotions, so all people may lead a healthy life.

Remember. . . There are no accidents in the universe and the fact that you are drawn to me is an inspiring omen for me to put my heart into helping you create a wonderful life. THERE ALSO ARE NO LIMITATIONS in the universe and the choice to grow is yours. . . Let's banish your grief and fears so that you can shine as brightly as you can in this wonderful Universe. Love, Light, Life and Prosperity and Opulence to you and yours. Now is the time to become the best that you can become.

I await your call!
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Date Rated by Rating Comments
2/5/2016 Synclair96 5 stars We connected instantly and she made me a believer! 
1/29/2016 brickhouse77 5 stars Yes, great her 
1/22/2016 tiny123 5 stars Very Very Good 5 Star call her 
1/22/2016 cat7816 5 stars Amazing...she called it again. Not what I was hoping for but so glad I was prepared. Other readers have left me blindsided but Melody tells it like it is, and with so much kindness. 
1/18/2016 huntingneighbor 5 stars Melodymarie is amazingly accurate and kind. She was able to be matter of fact and not cruel as other advisors had been. She knew of a situation and knew of where my heart stood but she spoke in such a way that I was able to realize that yes I could have a relationship back as she stated, but she made me understand it was clearly my choice. As she predicted my boyfriend did come back and as she stated his ex was angry and mad and I realized I didn't need that in my life. I am so happy and relaxed now that I am moving forward. Melodymarie you are the best!! 
1/18/2016 realist411 3 stars I appreciate talking with someone with such a pleasant voice and articulate manner. However, she has never really gotten the situation for me. Calls have been muddy and unhelpful rather than clarifying. Factual inaccuracies in each reading have ultimately undermined her credibility, for me. This also happened when I called her in 2011 about a different relationship: initially lucid, rather helpful readings turned too subjective and 'watery'. It's great that this works for others! 
1/15/2016 Laura 13 4 stars I have to give her a four because I needed to ask her questions and she kept talking. She gave me good information tho and she is very nice. I ran out of funds to find out more. 
1/14/2016 cclarity 5 stars Thank you for a great reading! 
1/8/2016 fancyfeet63 5 stars Very solution oriented knows the person's concerns. Easy to talk to and has compassion for the person's concerns. 
1/7/2016 cat7816 5 stars I have seen confirmation of some things she told me, but not others. From what I can verify she is usually very accurate about the present and picks up little details that are really interesting. But sometimes we get hung up on a detail that isn't important. She is always kind and I love talking to her. 

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5 stars
We connected instantly and she made me a believer!
- Synclair96, 2/5/2016
5 stars
Yes, great her
- brickhouse77, 1/29/2016
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