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Norah is a multi-dimensional psychic. She is Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient / Empathic, and Claircognizant / Intuitive.

Are you looking for REAL ANSWERS? You've come to the right place. Arrange-A-Call and I will be with you as soon as possible.....

At five years of age, Norah Jones thought everyone could see the spirits roaming around her house, but that wasn't the case. As a child, she alerted her family when an accident was about to happen. To their amazement, she was instantly validated. Her parents were keenly aware of her ability, but felt it wasn't good for her to discuss it in public as they feared people would pass judgment and gossip about her, so she did her best to honor their wishes, but that wouldn't last long.

As a teenager, she had prophetic dreams, first predicting her father's passing and later the passing of other family members. She had no choice but to embrace her God-given gifts.

Norah has been reading professionally since 1999. Her most memorable experience as a reader was when she channeled a fireman who passed in the 911 tragedy.

While Norah has a great sense of humor, she is very caring and takes her readings seriously. It is her obligation to you as a paying client to give you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth - as she perceives it. While it may not always be the news you hoped to hear, it is the honesty you expect to hear.

Norah does not use tools and will not ask for birthdates but she will ask for the first name of any person you would like to know more about. She will ask when your last communication was (ie: this morning, last week, two years ago, etc...) because as an energy reader she wants to understand if the messages she is receiving is time-related or geographically-related. She does not do general readings. She gives specific answers to specific questions, so have your list of questions ready before you call.

  • Clairvoyant (clear seeing)

  • Clairaudient (clear hearing)

  • Clairsentient / Empathic (clear feeling)

  • Claircognizant / Intuitive (clearn knowing)

  • Pet Readings

  • Due to the intense nature of channeling sessions, she is not able to offer them over the telephone.

Norah is able to read pictures of any individual you want to know more about. Send payment by clicking the button below and then send the picture. Please make sure the photo is clear and of good quality so she can give you a clear and accurate reading. The process itself takes about 30 minutes and the cost is $65.00 per person. Click the Buy Now button below to get started.

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8/30/2015 Wendys Wisdom 5 stars Talking to Nora is always amazing. I've been talking to her for years. Whenever I"m struggling with a situation or person - she helps me get grounded and back on track. Very accurate and wise about all kinds of life siturations. One of the best on Keen! :-) 
8/28/2015 marchbeauty 1 star I am sorry, you were distracted by something else, heard a lot of background noise. I did not feel that you connected with me or my situation at all 
8/27/2015 tannmiles 5 stars Norah is AWESOME! 
8/25/2015 jenn82336 5 stars Great conversation. Looking forward to the timing and predictions. 
8/22/2015 Royalty43 5 stars Great call 
8/21/2015 wannaknowanswers 5 stars answered all my questions specifically. Thank you! 
8/21/2015 need-to-know 5 stars GREAT 
8/19/2015 italian00 5 stars Great reading, picked up on situation right away and was Dead On for details. will call again..thanx Norah 
8/18/2015 48958080 5 stars Thanks for being reasurring ...I needed that... 
8/16/2015 need-to-know 5 stars GREAT 

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5 stars
Talking to Nora is always amazing. I've been talking to her for years. Whenever I"m strugglin...
- Wendys Wisdom, 8/30/2015
1 star
I am sorry, you were distracted by something else, heard a lot of background noise. I did not feel...
- marchbeauty, 8/28/2015
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