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Clairvoyance for the soul. Loving and compassionate, empowering and uplifting. The psychic with straight answers, no sugar-coating!


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What's in store for 2016?

Is your relationship healthy?
Are you living your life to the fullest?
It's time to invite sanity to your life!

I have been helping others improve their lives -- mentally, physically, materially and spiritually, for 30 years. I use clairvoyance only -- no tools!

A successful relationship is all about love and respect we have for each other. Sometimes relationships can fall short, and other times they can be "diamonds in the rough" that need some TLC! There are times that it helps to get confirmation by a psychic who can look at your relationship or life situation with an objective eye.

If you're looking for insight on your love life, any other relationships, career, spiritual path, or anything else that keeps you up at night, my guides and myself are here for you. I can help you get in touch with your own spiritual guides. Everyone has them! I am a certified Medium, so I can also help with contacting those who live on the other side of Spirit.

I do not sugar-coat readings, and I will give the truth, which you may or may not want to hear. I feel that we deserve the hear the truth, and it indeed sets us free. If you're looking for a fairy tale, then I am not the best psychic for you. If you're looking for an objective analysis of your relationship that helps lead to personal empowerment and workable solutions, then you will not be disappointed.

I strive to make every reading positive, uplifting and meaningful. I always call on the Archangel Michael for protection and clarity. Only the highest and best can get past Michael. This assures the reading will be done in a safe and Christ/Buddha/Krishna-centered environment.

Please allow at least 5 or 10 minutes for your reading, for best results. Remember, we need a little time to connect!

I will provide time frames when I get them. However, be aware that the future is fluid, it has not happened yet, and can change at any time. This is especially true when it involves another person, due to free will.

If you have a medical (including pregnancy) issue, legal issue, or mental health concern, please consult proper professionals, since I am not licensed to provide these services. Thanks!


Everyone Deserves The Best That Life Has to Offer.
Spirit Always Leads Us to Our Greatest Happiness.

Please leave honest feedback after completing your session.

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7/9/2016 Nicee Rose 5 stars Thank you. You confirmed what I suspected all along, and gave me the truth. I appreciate that in you, and I do think that you have found a new loyal customer in me. :) 
6/25/2016 futurewjomd 5 stars she's awesome. I will definitely look for her again as needed. thank you 
6/19/2016 fara1974 5 stars Thank you :) 
3/19/2016 dragonflyer 5 stars Genuine and honest advisor 
3/12/2016 cocreative 2 stars There are no other women much less 2 or 3. I'd like a refund.  
3/6/2016 Lwebb01 5 stars Thank you  
2/25/2016 chrys28 1 star guessing  
2/23/2016 TheCuriousOne 5 stars Amazing! Ran out of funds, but will definitely follow up soon. Thank you! :) 
2/22/2016 Skybird 5 stars very very good. pick up a lot 
2/20/2016 Lwebb01 5 stars She's so sweet and tunes in quick. Thank you Penney.  

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Recent Feedback
5 stars
Thank you. You confirmed what I suspected all along, and gave me the truth. I appreciate that in ...
- Nicee Rose, 7/9/2016
5 stars
she's awesome. I will definitely look for her again as needed. thank you
- futurewjomd, 6/25/2016
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