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Honest, Sincere, Compassionate. Extremely Accurate. Gives advice with her Heart, Soul, Experience and Mind. tarot card reading.spiritual reader.

A gifted clairvoyant, Kathrine has garnered a loyal cliental who I councils on all matters, from career to the complexities of affairs of the heart. In testimony to My accuracy, I Have a loyal following throughout the United States. For over 27 years I Have been using the Tarot and Meditation as a natural conduit for My psychic gifts. My readings are meaningful and filled with practical insight, guidance and direction. Not limited by the constraints of specialties, I help My clients in all areas, from career to the complexities of personal relationships.
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5/2/2016 Ms A611 5 stars Thank you 
5/2/2016 vitamia 5 stars Sorry Kathrine, I ran out of funds. Talk to you soon. Thanks!!! 
4/28/2016 bunny7959 5 stars ALL-THAT 
4/24/2016 Keisha11 5 stars Thank you I will definitely keep you updated. You were soo on point! Thank you 
4/24/2016 Member644467 5 stars Thanx hun 
4/23/2016 Blessed007 5 stars Great. Thank you 
4/22/2016 tracylyn john-howell 5 stars Will keep you posted 
4/21/2016 gshaw2002 5 stars Thanks again for the friendly, insightful and positive reading, Kathrine!! 
4/16/2016 Dmg2802 5 stars it had been a while but as usual ... straight to the point and accurate ! always puts me in a better place mentally and emotionally with the truth . 
4/15/2016 Asterix 5 stars Thanks for the great update. One of the most real and best psychic on this site. 

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Recent Feedback
5 stars
Thank you
- Ms A611, 5/2/2016
5 stars
Sorry Kathrine, I ran out of funds. Talk to you soon. Thanks!!!
- vitamia, 5/2/2016
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