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I use Tarot and Lenormand Cards to offer accurate, honest and compassionate card readings. No fluffy bunny stories. Over 20 years experience, LGTB friendly Metaphysical Minister. Call me today!


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I'm an Intuitive Empath and a Card Reader with a unique twist, using both Tarot and Lenormand cards. Lenormand is a deck of 36 fortune cards that were named for the legendary fortune teller Mlle. Lenormand of Paris who read for Josephine and Napoleon Bonaparte, based on her system to read with great accuracy and amazing detail.

The Lenormand cards enable me to give clear, concise readings and valuable insight. The Tarot cards give me great general information and are wonderful for giving the emotional and spiritual insight, so I love using both to help you find the answers you really need. Unless you state a clear preference, I will use the system I feel suits your questions best or combine them both as I feel will best answer your concerns. I don't do general readings so I do request that you only call me with specific questions or a specific area of concern.

I've spent a lifetime exploring metaphysics, psychic phenomena, religion, magic and divination. I'm ordained through the Universal Life Church, and a professional reader who works in a sacred space, focusing completely on you and your questions. I respect your time, so I don't drag things out to waste your time and cost you extra money needlessly. I take the time I need to shuffle and interpret the cards, but don't take more time than necessary.

LGBT friendly, non-judgemental Metaphysical Minister.

Call me now!!

Moreau Spread Lenormand Reading (for in-depth insight into a specific area of focus), $50:

Three Questions with Lenormand Cards (for when you have specific questions), $30:

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8/11/2015 Hawaii Connection 12 5 stars EXCELLENT !!!! 'NUF SAID !!!!!!!!! 
8/11/2015 Hawaii Connection 12 5 stars she was great - keen cut us off !!! 
8/8/2015 Jg133 5 stars This advisor is amazingly accurate. 
8/7/2015 Jg133 5 stars This advisor is incredible. She predicted a situation that did happen. Every detail and the events occurred as she stated. If I wouldn't spoke to this advisor I would of made a terrible professional mistake. This advisor is genuine and extremely helpful. 
8/2/2015 Jg133 5 stars Truly Incredible and reliable. This advisor consistently helps and provides accurate answers. This advisor is real and extraordinary. 
7/31/2015 Jg133 5 stars This advisor is incredible and honest. 
7/23/2015 Jg133 5 stars This advisor is truly kind and accurately helpful. Great call each and everyone. 
7/18/2015 preciousm 5 stars She picked up on my situation and everything she told me wad correct I will b more positive and will let you know how things go thanks 
7/18/2015 Mickey46 1 star Not so good, totally missed with .me 
7/16/2015 niriho 5 stars TKS d 

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5 stars
EXCELLENT !!!! 'NUF SAID !!!!!!!!!
- Hawaii Connection 12, 8/11/2015
5 stars
she was great - keen cut us off !!!
- Hawaii Connection 12, 8/11/2015
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