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Fast, Affordable & Accurate Readings with Lenormand Cards

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I offer honest and compassionate Love and Relationship card readings that are very clear and accurate. LGBT friendly, non-judgemental Metaphysical Minister. Give a Lenormand reading a try!!

I'm an Intuitive Empath and a Card Reader with a unique twist. Lenormand is a deck of 36 fortune cards that were named for the legendary fortune teller Mlle. Lenormand of Paris who read for Josephine and Napoleon Bonaparte, based on her system to read with great accuracy and amazing detail.

I get very specific answers, even eerie sometimes in their details! I can also look at specific areas of your life, like relationships, finances or career. These cards enable me to give clear, concise readings and valuable insight. The Lenormand system is very precise and practical as the meanings are not as esoteric and vague as Tarot card meanings. That's why I love my Lenormand cards so much!

I've spent a lifetime exploring metaphysics, psychic phenomena, religion, magic and divination. I'm ordained through the Universal Life Church, and a professional reader who works in a sacred space, focusing completely on you and your questions. I respect your time, so I don't drag things out to waste your time and cost you extra money needlessly. I take the time I need to shuffle and interpret the cards, but don't take more time than necessary.

LGBT friendly, non-judgemental Metaphysical Minister.

Get the answers you need, try a Lenormand card reading!! See why this little deck of cards has been so popular in Europe and the UK and is now gaining so much popularity in the US!!

Call me now!!

Moreau Spread Lenormand Reading (for in-depth insight into a specific area of focus), $50:

Three Questions with Lenormand Cards (for when you have specific questions), $30:

Rev Diane's Feedback for this Listing in Love & Relationships
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4/22/2015 Devbeke 5 stars Exceptional reader.. Thank you... Connects very well!! 
4/21/2015 Jg133 5 stars This advisor is sincere and awesome. A great call. 
4/17/2015 Jg133 5 stars This advisor provides the truth consistently. 
4/12/2015 Devbeke 5 stars Thank you... 
4/11/2015 Devbeke 5 stars Thank you.... 
4/3/2015 Jg133 5 stars Just Renarkanle. This advisor is highly accurate and consistently helpful. 
3/21/2015 Jg133 5 stars This advisor is the real thing. Her predictions are extremely accurate. She helped me tremendously by providing accurate details. Get true and accurate advice by calling this advisor. High satisfaction with each of my calls to this advisor. 
3/6/2015 Jg133 5 stars Just consistently incredible. 
2/25/2015 Jg133 5 stars Consistenly Accurate Advisor. Always a great call. 1000 stars. 
2/21/2015 Jg133 5 stars This advisor is consistently exceptional. My readings are always accurate and helpful. A must call for the truth. 

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5 stars
Exceptional reader.. Thank you... Connects very well!!
- Devbeke, 4/22/2015
5 stars
This advisor is sincere and awesome. A great call.
- Jg133, 4/21/2015
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