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Honest, sincere clairvoyant.

Steve Klatt's Feedback for this Listing in Love & Relationships
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3/22/2015 HOPE1964 5 stars Thanks Steve for your honesty and solid advice! 
1/29/2015 edustay2010 5 stars A few readings ago, I asked you about a guy that I met. You told me "No, he's not it" You basically told me he wouldn't be around for long. Well, you were RIGHT, as usual!! He ended up being so RATCHET and just a total FAKE! Good looking out, Steve. You always have my back!! I appreciate you! Of course I will keep you posted on what's going on with the "Ex." The month of April is the goal! Thank you for EVERYTHING! Talk soon :) 
1/19/2015 gardenangel 5 stars Steve is so great to talk to and so amazingly accurate. 
1/17/2015 echo50 5 stars Excellent! Thank you! 
1/17/2015 PamL53 1 star None of these people have any gifts. They will take your money and fill your head with garbage. They have absolutely no souls and no remorse for this either. I have found out that this reader was 100% wrong about everything. I have also found out that I have cancer and thanks to the money I have spent on these frauds am lacking in necessary funds. Please do not spend another dime on this person. He knows nothing and cares nothing about you! 
1/17/2015 edustay2010 5 stars I have never known Steve to be anything but RESPECTFUL to his clients! Check his feedback it is IMPECCABLE compared to most Psychics!! Steve is one of the most caring people that I have had the pleasure of speaking to!!! I have never regretted 1 reading out of probably 1000 that I have received from him over the past almost 8 yrs. The only regret I have is at times not listening to the advice he gave me and in each situation he was RIGHT and I was completely WRONG!! The outcomes happen exactly how he predicts them!! Steve is truly GIFTED beyond belief and I trust him with all my heart! Thank you for EVERYTHING Steve, you are the BEST!! 
1/15/2015 gardenangel 5 stars thanks again for helping me with my situation, you are eloquent and kind and insightful. You have a way of saying things that is very diplomatic, and it makes it easier to understand and cope with anything a little different 
1/14/2015 7788324 3 stars too general and negative. pulling teeth for details, which was unpleasant. 
1/14/2015 edustay2010 5 stars Steve is the very BEST on Keen! He always gives very detailed readings and has never ever steered me wrong! He has helped me so much over the past 7 1/2 years and from my relationships to my life's challanges, he has always been accurate down to the detail!! He is absolutely AMAZING! 
1/14/2015 gardenangel 5 stars first time caller, boy he was awesome 

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5 stars
Thanks Steve for your honesty and solid advice!
- HOPE1964, 3/22/2015
5 stars
A few readings ago, I asked you about a guy that I met. You told me "No, he's not it" Yo...
- edustay2010, 1/29/2015
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