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Having a relationship issue or personal crisis? Speak to a "skilled psychic" and get real answers! At times it's not a matter of "getting over", rather we need help "getting through" our situation. The best is yet to come!


Hello, my name is Victoria Sands, one of the highest rated and experienced "SOUL MATE" Love Psychics on KEEN, with over 120,000 RATING POINTS, and 70,000+ readings. I specialize in reuniting soul mates, however my other areas of expertise include: Love & Relationships, Career & Work, Money& Finance, Deceased loved ones, Lost People, Dream Analysis, Past lives, Pets, Lost objects and Psychic Readings.

For quick, accurate answers, you can contact me directly most any time, including late night, on KEEN at 1-(800) ASK-KEEN. EXT(84259), or you can click on the CALL or CHAT Buttons below to contact me now.


..........1-800-275-5336 EXT. 84259 "VICKY"..........

EMAIL READINGS up to 3 QUESTIONS for $35. In depth very detailed Email readings are also available as well as Dream Interpretations and Analysis. DO NOT SEND PAYMENT NOW. Email your questions with names, if known, and I will send you a payment request.

If I am not available I encourage you to call my daughter, Jennifer Sands. She is new to keen but has my gift as well and just needs a chance like you gave me some fifteen years ago. thank you!

Before you even call or chat with me or anyone else for that matter, let me explain a little about what I do and why I take the time and effort to insure the utmost accuracy. I have been blessed with the gift to see images that are beyond the normal reach of the five senses. My gift allows me to gain insight into the past, present and future. This ability is also known as the "sixth sense".

As a psychic medium, I believe you have been brought here not by chance, but for a reason.. One of the most important discoveries I've made since I have started on Keen some 12 years ago, is that no matter STRAIGHT or GAY, love knows no difference when it comes to matters of the heart and whatever differences we have, we all have the same need......To be loved and wanted.

I feel I am best known for my ability to predict future events, but the usefulness of my gifts, really go far beyond prophecy. I don't necessarily have to use tarot cards, crystal balls or pendulums. I am not a not a fortune teller but prefer to consider myself a spiritual guide and teacher who can offer insight into some of life's most difficult challenges, thus giving you the tools you need to make the best decisions about your future.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is reconnecting loved ones or "channeling" with those who have passed over.As a psychic medium I can offer you the "best of both worlds." Not only can I relay messages from lost loved ones, but they can also offer guidance and future predictions which I rely on daily to help others.

Please allow me to help you with your relationship and soul mate issues. Do you want to be reunited? Do you feel there is unfinished business or no closure? I can help. The answers you seek are a phone call or chat away. Please do not give up, you deserve to be happy.

Remember, for every problem or situation no matter how hopeless, I can help you find the solution...Let's start a journey together that will give you the answers you have been searching for. Wouldn't you like to know if you had a past life, who you were and how it's affecting your present life now? Whatever you seek, please remember...I will not give you false hopes or empty promises. For once, being able to clearly and accurately see your future will change your life!!


Please don't forget to leave a rating for our call or chat, it means sooo much!


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7/29/2016 Member123326 5 stars Thank you! 
7/29/2016 rice0303 5 stars Vicky, I am sure to call you very often, really appreciate your help. Ping 
7/29/2016 Member123326 5 stars Vicky is hardworking, smart, empathetic, and seems truly devoted to her client's welfare. She can really dazzle you with her accuracy at times. She told me to slightly lower the price on a rental and I'd have it rented in "days" and she was right. In days, the call came in inquiring about the rental.  
7/28/2016 zurich 5 stars Quick and to the point , thank you :) will be back . 
7/28/2016 sunrise2009 5 stars Thank you Vicky. Sorry I couldn't add more cash. Let us hope what you said is in the works.  
7/28/2016 rice0303 5 stars I am in a very difficult situation and have a very hard feeling about uncertainty, thanks Vicky for all the suggestion and prediction. I also just read what others say to Vicky and found out Vicky saved other people 4000 dollars. I have a very strong confidence with Vicky and Call VICKY before anything. Ping 
7/27/2016 dms1 5 stars Thank you for the update. Always honest and helpful. 
7/27/2016 Member123326 5 stars Vicky is sincere and talented and she always tries to help her clients. 
7/27/2016 Member123326 5 stars Vicky is incredibly hardworking and helpful. 
7/26/2016 lhw68 5 stars was thinking about lowering price of house 4,000$ do to buyers request, called Victoria, she told me to stay at price do not drop. 3 hrs later buyer accepted previous offer. she just saved me 4K, thank you. 

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5 stars
Thank you!
- Member123326, 7/29/2016
5 stars
Vicky, I am sure to call you very often, really appreciate your help. Ping
- rice0303, 7/29/2016
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