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This is a self meditative state that when practiced often is wonderful but you will receive full benefit from it the first time you use it.if you have any questions don't hesitate to email me. blessings -julz

This cleansing(a short recording)is a self meditation that allows you to rid yourself of the negative energy and protect your self against energies that you collect without knowing it. This is energy that people throw at you through arguments, bad feelings and hatred. These are also feelings that you may have of self loathing, sometimes we don't even realize that we have them. When these are cleared our minds open up, we think clearer and we have a different outlook on life. We tend to be more patient and the energy we send out into the universe is clear and clean. This takes little effort, a short period of time by yourself when you first start and as you get better with it and more fine tuned you can do this anywhere. You can also do this for the people around you that you love. You end up with a warm feeling almost like a hug, I associate it with Angel wings wrapped around me. That is how I feel when I am finished with the technique. I always feel happier others, notice this also, I also get complemented on my appearance - beauty, joy and happiness seem to radiate from you after this. I think you will enjoy it. Bright Blessings - Julz 9.99
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