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Internationally renowned radio,television and columnist and pet psychic and medium Kimmie Rose will connect with your pet (living or deceased).. emotions, connections, spirituality and behavior modific
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Kimmie Rose is respected by people in the Unites States and Canada as one of the most experienced and trusted sanimal communicators, healers whether they are passed on or here. Her ability to connect is something rare. Do you want to know how your pet feels -family member Kimmie calls them. Her extensive work helping animals heal, communicate on the earth plane and while passes away has deemed her as an expert in the field of animal communication. Kimmie Rose's love for animals and her understanding of the critical role they play in our lives provides a unique perspective on the way we need to interact with all of the animals in our world.

Kimmie Rose volunteers doing readings with Petco, The Humane Society, Save a Pet and other well known organizations to raise money to help save them and provide more awareness of their importance. She does private readings for clients who want to have a better relationship with their animals, discern health issues and does design consults for pet owners who want to make their spaces more pet-friendly.

Over the past fifteen years, Kimmie Rose has worked with thousands of animals and their human loved ones to work through issues and overcome obstacles. Kimmie Rose has spoken at numerous venues about the importance of animal rescue, connecting animals with healing people who are sick and vice versa. Kimmie Rose mission is to teach people how animals pick us for specific reasons and when we respect this an energetic clarity can occur in a persons life and household. Animals are angels from earth.
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