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~God Gifted Clairvoyant~

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My readings will provide you with clarity and peace of mind.Your reading will be channeled and you will receive clear and accurate messages from the guides. No tools used!

PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT read for other keen advisors or new callers on this listing. Please use one of my other listings. New callers and advisors will be blocked on this listing. Also please do NOT ask me any pregnancy or paternity questions. Please do not leave me feedback based on what another advisor told you.

I can only guarantee you that you will receive an honest reading from me. The answer to your question may not be what you want to hear. If you have money to burn and want to spend it on someone who will lie to you to make you happy for the moment I am definitely NOT the psychic for you. My readings are short and to the point and you will be told exactly what I see NOT what you want me to see. My style of reading is simply not for everyone. Before calling any reader it's important for a person to decide if the are open to hearing something that may be hurtful.

God Gifted Clairvoyant

About Me

I was born clairvoyant decided to share my gift with the public about 8 years ago. I come from a family with many generations of Seer's and healers. My readings will provide you with clarity and peace of mind. From Marriage, Children, Love, Relationships, Money, Career. Your reading will be channeled and shared with you clearly and accurately and will provide you with clarity. During your reading I will relay channeled messages received from my guides and also let you know what I am seeing for you through clairvoyance(visions). Call me if you're interested in receiving the truth you need to move forward in your life. I will NOT answer questions regarding health, death,legal issues, pregnancy, or paternity those questions are against Keen policy.

Connection and Accuracy

I am here to share my gift and help those in need of guidance. If my guides are not able to connect with you I will be up front and let you know. I will not connect to everyone. If my guides are not connecting to you I have no control over that. Also if I do not see something happening I have to let you know. I understand it may hurt but please keep in mind you are calling for the truth it may or may not be what you were hoping to hear. I do not use any tools in my readings you will receive an intuitive reading. You must call with an open mind and be real with yourself. It only takes 1 reading to find out if an advisor is accurate for you and is properly connecting with your guides.

Time Frames

Time frames will NOT be accurate for everyone and they are approximate not exact. A true psychic has been blessed with the ability to accurately predict past, present, and future events. In the psychic realm timing is not and will not always be exact. Timing is 100% when God is ready for things to manifest for you. For some it will happen in the predicted time and for others it may not.


Keep in mind you're calling for the truth unfortunately the truth may make you smile and for some it will bring tears. I will be compassionate and considerate when delivering bad news, but I refuse to be unethical and lie to you. Whatever I see for you and any messages given from my guides will be relayed to you. />

If I am not available please use the image below to get to a fabulous group of advisors (Aries Angels) who can help you!

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Date Rated by Rating Comments
10/5/2015 KEC 5 stars Great details. Everything so far has come to past. I've been talking to her for months now. The best on Keen 
10/4/2015 rosequartz33 5 stars LOVE Kisha. She has always shines a light in the dark! Super accurate, helpful, and kind. 
10/3/2015 Mesa4 5 stars I have been reading with Aries Intuition for years. Take notes. You will be amazed! 
10/1/2015 memes12 5 stars She is always so helpful with my situation. One of the best and really reads into your situation. 
10/1/2015 AARP101 5 stars Aries Intuition is a rare gem. A gifted psychic with integrity. 
10/1/2015 SabrinaNiccole 5 stars She is always right with her predictions thank you again for speaking with me today, will return with an update soon. 
9/29/2015 Hugsandkisses70 5 stars Thanks so much Kisha. Sorry for ending the call so abruptly. I will keep you updated. Thanks for the free minutes too. 
9/29/2015 Sarah Jane medida 5 stars Wow!! Aries is really amazing!! All her prediction with incomes to relationship and job with all came true. Its not really what I wanted to hear but shes always right. She won't sugar coat. she will tell you exactly what she sees on you.All the numbers that she gave me for her timeline really unfold. She's really amazing I can't thank her enough of how she helped me. She's really very intuitive. shes truly gifted. I can really recommend to anyone to have a reading with if really want the truth. She don't waste your money I could assure you. 
9/27/2015 rs18 5 stars Wow. she is amazing. has been accurate for me and i am grateful for clarity, honesty and help. things are happening as she said. 
9/25/2015 danni1382 5 stars Cookie definitely is gifted she picked up on a lot. Thank you 

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5 stars
Great details. Everything so far has come to past. I've been talking to her for months now. The...
- KEC, 10/5/2015
5 stars
LOVE Kisha. She has always shines a light in the dark! Super accurate, helpful, and kind.
- rosequartz33, 10/4/2015
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