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Prophet Angel can talk to your relatives and pets that have crossed over. Contact him now for a live reading.

Psychic Prophet Angel is an experienced psychic medium that can speak to those who have crossed over. Prophet Angel has done nearly 27,000 readings on numerous websites and he can see into the past, present and future. His life revolves around the psychic realm and his spirit is constantly in tune with the spirit world.
Prophet Angel has ministered to pastors,teachers,actors,writers,psychologists,psychiatrists,students and people from all walks of life. When you experience one of Prophet Angel's accurate readings, you will find out why he is well sought after for his accurate readings. Psychic Prophet Angel is a Top Expert Psychic in the field of hearing voices from beyond and is a gifted medium and loved by many. This psychic can often hear from those who have crossed over with specific names, dates and times. Do not miss out. Get your reading today by this psychic medium who cares for you. It is not by accident that you found Prophet Angel, God lead you here.

Please join our group Top Expert Psychics

The objective of this group is to be amongst other fellow psychics who are accurate and can produce positive and productive readings. We invite you to be a part of a group of psychics that are the best of the best.

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5/25/2016 SpiritedBT 4 stars Interesting....still like this advisor, but prediction did change rather dramatically from previous calls... Hummm... 
5/17/2016 SpiritedBT 5 stars Excellent !! Wonderful insight !!! 
5/16/2016 frankee 2 stars I felt very cheated by your information, I spent hours looking for those people you mentioned and did not find one. I put my trust in you and spent a bit of money on you, I would like to request a refund please. 
5/14/2016 Mxi003 5 stars Wonderful reader! He can absolutely tell you what 'he's' thinking and feeling. Totally relieved my anxiety. So glad I called***** 
5/12/2016 jbrb0007 5 stars What i normally do is skip the stars to the negative feedback on keen..Prophet had none. I proceeded to call hoping for the best and expecting a soso reading hence i kept my mouth shut to hear what he had to say. he did not disappoint he nailed the situation and told it EXACTLY as he saw it no advice no suggestions just what he saw leaving me room to make my own decisions. This i very well appreciated. I even asked his questions i knew answers to and he confirmed it. If you are a first time caller and like me just want someone who is truly gifted please give him a call he is that Good....Good luck 
5/9/2016 garcia68 5 stars Outstanding once again. Thank you very much. 
5/6/2016 DBeloved57 5 stars Thank you! 
5/3/2016 SpiritedBT 5 stars Good reader ! 
5/3/2016 SpiritedBT 5 stars Good reader! Hoping predictions come through...! 
4/28/2016 garcia68 5 stars Mediumship reading with my lost loved one was so accurate. I cherish it. Thank you. 

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Recent Feedback
4 stars
Interesting....still like this advisor, but prediction did change rather dramatically from previou...
- SpiritedBT, 5/25/2016
5 stars
Excellent !! Wonderful insight !!!
- SpiritedBT, 5/17/2016
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