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Readings On All Areas Of Life Find Answers Today, Are you living your fullest life? Do you need answers? over 15 years experince. Receive advise on Love, Business and Marriage. Reunite with love ones.

I can pick up what you can not get out of an ordinary reading as it comes in through predictions & My other abilities that also allow's for Me to contact your guardian angels and also passed loved ones.

My chat Sessions deliver a clear reading and gives you the answers you NEED NOW!

I will help you find Your Answers, Your Peace, Your Love, Your Spiritual Direction.

Advise You and Guide You on what you seek help in such as: Relationships, Money, Enemies, Spiritual Energy the positive's and the not so positive

We are all born with natural Spirituality & The Holy Spirit in our hearts.

It is all about what you feel and believe not what other's do.

 photo cc2957ea-0d3b-450e-9558-33970a960bc0_zps79ec6cee.jpg

Even if you don't go to church the spirit of the Lord is in you.

Yes many people worship Their own God Such as the Greek Gods. I am not going to judge you.

I am here to remind you that you of all the good that is in store for you along with the Holy Spirit.

Many people have come to find out at all ages even in old age, That they believe in thinking and wishing good brings in good.

Are you confused about energy or the bad from good?

Are you looking to find out about energy bad and good? Did you know that you naturally give out an energy.

Energy is not just how you feel and it is not just about having a lot of energy to do something.

It is included in almost every religion.

It always has more meaning to it even on a spiritual side.

I would love to help you find insight on energy and energy reading and to also get closer in Faith & Religion.

I am offering chat at various hours.
If you can not find the privacy for calling or you are not by a phone,

Simply contact Me by chat it is very convenient.
I do recommend making an appointment for chat or via phone.

Or you may arrange a call back.. If you cannot find the privacy for calling, Simply contact Me by chat it is very convenient. I do recommend sending me a message to make an appointment for chat Or to talk via phone. You may arrange a call back which you would be waiting next in line for a call back.

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5/16/2015 EearthAngel 5 stars She is great for the chat feature and picking up situation around questions well. Give her a try! 
5/2/2015 Member81403114 5 stars Thanks 
4/27/2015 sparkycat2391 4 stars I gave you a 4. 
4/20/2015 ndmph 5 stars This is one of the best readings I had on Keen. The reading was clear, filled with details and practical advice. I will most definitely call back for an update. Thank you! 
4/13/2015 Member81403114 5 stars Thanks 
4/11/2015 Asmithri 5 stars thank you Ariel. I think you picked up on my friend's energy. I did make the call after praying but they didn't answer. Left a short message and will just have to see if they respond. Can't do anything further. 
4/3/2015 kao62260 5 stars thank you Ariel, my time ran out. I will try to let you know in June, if everything works out. 
4/1/2015 adg09 5 stars On the money. Confirmed a lot of my thoughts and provided clarity. 
3/25/2015 tracys69 3 stars Not as in-depth with information as she used to be... 
3/24/2015 lillybeth 5 stars This advisor is the only one I can truly count on. TY 

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5 stars
She is great for the chat feature and picking up situation around questions well. Give her a try!
- EearthAngel, 5/16/2015
5 stars
- Member81403114, 5/2/2015
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