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Readings On All Areas Of Life Find Answers Today, Are you living your fullest life? Do you need answers? over 15 years experience. Receive advise on Love, Business and Marriage. Reunite with love ones.


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I can pick up what you can not get out of an ordinary reading as it comes in through predictions & My other abilities that also allows for Me to contact your guardian angels and also passed loved ones.

My chat Sessions deliver a clear reading and gives you the answers you need immediately to help you in any stressful or confusing situation simple or difficult positive and also negative.

I will help you find Answers that truly help You. And give You Peace of Mind with understanding clarity as to where you could not find it before, Such as with Your Love ones, Your relationship, The way you view a decision, The way you view your relationship.

I can help you to re gain Your Spiritual Direction.

Based on your concerns I will Advise You for what fits you best .I will Guide You on what you seek help in such as: Relationships, Money, Enemies, Spiritual Energy the positive's and the not so positive

Sometimes we do need to concentrate on ourselves and our soul,mind and how we see and live life and how we feel. Spiritual Beliefs and Religion does help as well as having good faith. With having good faith comes to actually practicing it and being committed to having good faith.

In order to let our spirit guides and the Holy Spirit Work in our lives And help us in our needs, We often need patience.

When we finally take that step to have patience it does serves us and our needs best.

I can also say that just going for something and acting quicker does tend to work out good at times.

At other times it can be hard to have patience.

Maybe you worry that you should not wait long and think, react sooner to Something, Someone, Their question, Their message.

My Best Advice for A situation that you do not know how to Respond to someone,something or a message, feeling like you do not want to wait to long and do not want to mess up, Maybe you should and need to act quick. Well a part of Patience does not mean that you need to wait a full day, week or a full month. At times you will need to react sooner and that is okay, We can still be patient with a sense of being open minded and having good will so that you do not further corrupt something or someones feelings even your own thoughts,

As An Example: Apart of having good faith,good will, and patience is to take some deep breaths, And Ask your self what would they do and how would they act if I did this or that. How could they be feeling ?. That is an act of Understanding, Having an open mind, Good faith ,And Patience.

My Perspective on Deeper Soul Channeling, Good Energy, Spirituality & Faith. When it comes to Feeling More Balanced, Maintaining Good Healthy and Spiritual Energy that sends in your daily and life Blessings ,And Guides every area of your life, Reviving your spirit, Focusing on A good Path in life-Many people do not have a specific religion belief. Many did not grow up Christian or Raised in A religious environment and some do believe in:Spirituality ( Prayers to A Saint, Prayers to God Prayer to Their spirit guide,Believe in Meditation)-Many People Do Believe in God.

I am not a certified Pastor of any kind. I do feel the need to say that I strongly believe and found in many of My callers who also agree and have admitted to the belief that- We are all born with natural Spirituality & The Holy Spirit in our hearts.

It is all about what you feel and believe not what others do.

Even if you don't go to church the spirit of the Lord is in you.

Yes many people worship Their own God Such as the Greek Gods. I am not going to judge you.

I am here to remind you that you of all the good that is in store for you along with the Holy Spirit.

Many people have come to find out at all ages even in old age,Believe in thinking and wishing good brings in good.

Are you confused about energy or the bad from good?

Are you looking to find out about energy bad and good? Did you know that you naturally give out an energy.

Energy is not just how you feel and it is not just about having a lot of energy to do something.

It is included in almost every religion.

It always has more meaning to it even on a spiritual side.

I do Believe that if you just take the time to focus on your Blessings, What you want,need ,talk to God, Pray seek Blessing, Seek Guidance from A Saint From Prayer From God If you can take just a bit of time to Believe it is also an act of faith and can be heard seen and bring to you what your heart and life needs. As it is said in "Matthew 7:7-8, "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. 8"For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened". Once you take the moment to ask for Gods help, Healing, You will be Amazed and see fast answers, See A great Blessing to your Relationship, Job opportunity, Any area of life and that is a part of a healthier spiritual life,Food to your soul, trying, good energy,an act of having faith and spirituality. To those who do not have a specific religion faith or do not believe in the Holy Spirit I suggest that you just take a few minutes to believe in a greater good in a greater spirit and ask for your spirit guide to hear you and see your needs. Each of us do have the Holy Spirit within our hearts. It is there for you and your heart your life and for your relationship spiritually in life. Just know God is always with you for you !.

I can Help you balance your Aura's , Help you to heal your energy that you receive and carry. I do believe in Chakarah balancing.

I highly recommend looking into and practicing having more spiritual faith/belief /good energy/meditation.

If you would like to know more about energy and how it effects your life I am here able to talk to you about it and show you how to maintain good energy and gain it back, It does require some patience and having an open mind. You will see good results once you do try it your self. It is no spell of any kind !.

I would be able to help you find insight on energy and energy reading and to also get closer in Faith & Religion.

I am offering chat at various hours.
If you can not find the privacy for calling or you are not by a phone,

Simply contact Me by chat it is very convenient.
I do recommend making an appointment for chat or via phone.

Or you may arrange a call back.. If you cannot find the privacy for calling, Simply contact Me by chat it is very convenient. I do recommend sending me a message to make an appointment for chat Or to talk via phone. You may arrange a call back which you would be waiting next in line for a call back.

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6/8/2016 ajewel84 5 stars Very lovely and felt calming Gave great insight and lovely advice 
6/4/2016 jeannie5637 5 stars My second call to Ariel. 1st call she on target. 2nd call I sure hope she is on target again! She has the ability to get guidance without you saying much. 
5/15/2016 lemonlime 5 stars Ariel is a great guide who is super insightful and helpful. Sometimes we do make it hard on ourselves. She has a way of showing you a more pleasant and easier way to handle the situation. She is very strong in that area. 
4/24/2016 CG5568 5 stars Very good 
4/24/2016 lemonlime 5 stars Ariel is wonderful. She doesn't have to work hard for the answers you need, but she does work hard. I know it's got to be hard to deal with so many telephone voices and situations. She has been so kind and encouraging and understanding to me. I really appreciate it. She doesn't push but suggests. A great call to be made. 
4/18/2016 Humberto Flores 5 stars Thank you Ariel i have talked to others on here and your the only one that told me to pray to GOD and told me how to do it i thank you for that you are number one on here may GOD bless you 
3/25/2016 MsAireB 5 stars Thanks Ariel for always confirming my suspicions. 
3/21/2016 lemonlime 5 stars Always kind, helpful, and adorable. Gives you direct, loving advice. 
3/21/2016 loverj 5 stars Very accurate and quick. I keep coming back and I am never dissapointed. What a sweet individual. 
3/18/2016 peaceandharmony 5 stars Very caring adviser. Thank you! 

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5 stars
Very lovely and felt calming Gave great insight and lovely advice
- ajewel84, 6/8/2016
5 stars
My second call to Ariel. 1st call she on target. 2nd call I sure hope she is on target again! She ...
- jeannie5637, 6/4/2016
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